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Chiyari Tenkajin

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(てん) () (じん)  ちやり
Chiyari Tenkajin
Chiyari Tenkajin
Monster of Tainted Organic Material
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Capable of manipulating blood & fire

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Chiyari Tenkajin (天火人 ちやり Tenkajin Chiyari) is a Tenkajin who debuts in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost. She was a shut-in residing in the Blood Pools of Former Hell, but recently moved into Gensokyo.

General Information

Chiyari was a former resident of Former Hell that lived off of sucking other creatures' blood. Eventually, she found the Blood Pools of Former Hell which was paradise for a blood sucker like her. Eventually, Zanmu reached out to her for help. Leading to the events of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.


Chiyari has a carefree attitude, mostly lazing around the Blood Pools and feeding off the resentment of the underworld dwellers. This personality makes her a perfect match for Yuuma Toutetsu, whom she quickly becomes acquaintance with. She finds the Blood Pools a perfect home for herself. So much so that she is viewed as a recluse by underworld dwellers such as Rin, as she has not left the Blood Pools ever since she found it.

While having no allegiances to Zanmu, Chiyari is captivated by the resentment she caused for the underworld dwellers and executes her wishes faithfully. To the extend that she was willing to leaving the Blood Pools and silence Rin in order to keep her mission a secret.


Capable of manipulating blood & fire

Chiyari has the ability to manipulate spheres of blood to float in the air. She can spawn these spheres in the air and adjust its radius. These spheres then targets a living being if they come close enough. However, her ability is limited as the radius of these spheres degrades over time or when chasing it's target.


Chiyari is a Tenkajin, a blood sucking UMA.

Character Design


Chiyari is inspired by the tenkajin, a blood-sucking will-o'-wisp from folklore in what is now the town of Tamamura. It's said that once the tenkajin was slain, the trail of blood left behind led to the corpse of a horse-sized mujina. Her chupacabra nickname is inspired by the blood-sucking chupacabra from American folklore.


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Chiyari Tenkajin (天火人 ちやり) is her name. Her surname, Tenkajin (天火人), contains Ten (), meaning "sky, heaven", Ka (), meaning "fire", and Jin (), meaning "human, person". It is also the name of her species. Her name, Chiyari (ちやり), is written in hiragana. While it has no meaning by itself, it can be written as 血槍, which means "blood spear".


Chiyari wears a loose, lime-green T-shirt, a pair of teal shorts, and no shoes. Dangling bellow her shirt are several vials full of blood on one leg and empty syringes on the other. The bottom left of her shirt sports a "Welcome to Hell" label, similar to the one worn by Hecatia Lapislazuli, and the hem and sleeves are adorned with white letters (A, C, G, and T) in various combinations resembling a nucleic acid sequence. She has messy purple hair and red eyes. Several will o-whips hover around her. She has a decently long tail which she takes good care of.



Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

In Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, she spies on the Gouyoku Alliance for Zanmu in order to keep the Animal Beast Spirits in check. She maintains a trap for Zanmu, sending nosy individuals to Hell. Afterwords, she had a brief stint of notoriety as a chupacabra and moved into the Myouren Temple Cemetery.


Zanmu Nippaku

Chiyari and Zanmu knew each other back when Former Hell was known as Hell. Chiyari holds great admiration for Zanmu due to the resentment she caused for all the creatures left behind by moving Hell. During the events of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, Zanmu reached out to Chiyari for help in resolving the incident. Zanmu introduced her to Yuuma in order to get her to spy on the Gouyoku Alliance. Chiyari agrees as she thinks by allying with Zanmu, more resentment would be created by the underworld dwellers. Much to her delight.

Yuuma Toutetsu

Chiyari and Yuuma have similar laid back personalities and both reside in the Former Hell's Blood Pools. This makes them a perfect match and they hit off immediately. Yuuma allows her to join the Gouyoku Alliance on a whim but quickly realizes she was a spy sent by Zanmu. Yuuma keeps her part of the alliance just to maintain a connection to Zanmu.

Rin Kaenbyou

Chiyari and Rin are fellow underworld dwellers and are on friendly terms. However, Rin disapproves her association with Yuuma.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou bullies Chiyari by purposefully nicknaming her a chupacabra. Mamizou then spreads this nickname throughout Gensokyo. Chiyari is upset about this nickname but is assured that it is prestigious.

Minor Relationships

Utsuho Reiuji

Chiyari casually mentions how Utsuho was absent when passing the Remains of Blazing Hell. She uses Utsuho's nickname, Okuu, hinting a more informal relationship.

Hisami Yomotsu

Chiyari was able to identify Hisami's species as a Yomotsu-shikome, hinting that she may be familiar with Hisami.


Spell Cards

Spell Cards

Official Profiles

Th19Chiyari.png ○穢れた有機物の怪物

 種族  天火人(テンカジン)
 名前  天火人 ちやり
 能力  血と火を操る程度の能力








○Monster of Tainted Organic Material

Species: Tenkajin
Name: Chiyari Tenkajin
Ability: Capable of manipulating blood & fire

A cursed youkai whose true form is unknown, wreathed in fire and blood.

Her true form is said to be a mujina, but everyone who's seen her says they can't imagine that's the case.
Surface-dwelling humans fear her because she is said to be a chupacabra, but she doesn't like being thought of as a monster with such a weird name.

She's a weirdo who feels perfectly comfortable in the Former Hell of Blood Pools.
She settled down in the Former Hell of Blood Pools before Toutetsu arrived there.
She lives off of sucking creatures' blood, but wasn't satisfied with lukewarm living blood, so she arrived at the Former Hell of Blood Pools in search of cursed blood writhing with resentment.
Since the Former Hell of Blood Pools was so perfectly suited to her, she's already lost all interest in the surface world.

Since she already lived in Hell and ate the modern Blood Pools' leftovers, the Former Hell of Blood Pools was paradise for her.

Very recently, she was informed of Toutetsu's presence by Zanmu, an old acquaintance of hers.
She and Toutetsu were very much alike, and they hit it off immediately.

According to Toutetsu, the beast spirits were currently fighting over territory in the surface world.
She had no interest in the surface's land-theft war, but as she saw Toutetsu looking forward to it, her blood started heating up.

She got an idea.
If she allied herself with Zanmu-- the one who'd cut off Former Hell-- she could get her hands on even stronger resentment.