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Crown Peace, Crown Piece

More Alternative Spellings
Fairy of Hell
More Character Titles

Fairy (Lampad)


Driving people to madness


Unknown, immortal

Music Themes

星条旗のピエロ (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

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"Kyahahahaha! Something real interesting is going on~! Hey, fairies! Let's crank up the speed! It's lunatic tiiiime! Welcome to a world of madness!"
Clownpiece (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Stage 5)

Clownpiece (クラウンピース Kuraunpīsu) is a fairy of Hell. She is also the main protagonist of Visionary Fairies in Shrine.

General Information

Clownpiece appeared as the Stage 5 Boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom and as the main protagonist of Visionary Fairies in Shrine, along with Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire, and Luna Child. She is Hecatia Lapislazuli's subordinate, who has instructed her to live in Gensokyo for the time being. She currently lives under the Hakurei Shrine in a replica Hell she made for herself. Other characters often refer to her as "Piece", a shortening of her name.


Clownpiece is similar in nature to many of the other fairies in Touhou: she is playful, mischievous, childish, and a little bit dumb. She enjoys the aesthetics of Hell, often leading to strange looks from others; however, this is because it reminds her of home. She enjoys pranking anybody she can, friends included. She often joins the Three Fairies of Light in their own schemes, pranks, and adventures, and has a little bit of a rivalry with Cirno over the title of the "strongest". Generally, she is a fun-loving person who's also a little bit ignorant of her surroundings: she's set fire to the Hakurei Shrine by accident on more than one occasion.


Driving people to madness
With the flame of her torch, Clownpiece is able to drive others insane. According to herself, any human looking at the light of her torch would be unable to maintain their sanity, making her able to mess with their minds.[1] In the Human Village, she used this ability to make villagers extremely irritable and short-tempered, attacking each other for trivial reasons. According to her, going crazy means bringing out one's true strength.[2]
Clownpiece claims that, while this may seem like an unusual power for a nature spirit, it's nothing strange in Hell where "nature" consists mainly of the souls of the dead. The torch itself is made with the lifeforce of those that fell in Hell.[3]
Making lifeforce go berserk
The true power of Clownpiece's flame is revealed by Eternity Larva, who recognized the power she experienced during the Four Seasons incident. The flame of the torch is able to affect the lifeforce and make it go berserk. Eternity used this power in full winter to instantly make it summer near the Hakurei Shrine, filling bare trees with leaves, and even turning some of them into palm trees. Although this completely consumed the torch's fire, she assumed it would eventually be back on its own.[3]
Embodiment of impurity
Clownpiece was among the fairies exposed to Junko's abilities prior to the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, transforming her into a being of pure lifeforce whom the Lunarians could not fight without becoming permanently tainted. It's unclear whether this is still true by the time she comes to Gensokyo.

Character Design


Clownpiece is based on lampads[4], nymphs who serve the goddess Hecate, the basis of Hecatia. Lampads accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and carry torches which have the power to drive someone to madness, like Clownpiece.


Clownpiece wears leggings and a shirt with the pattern similar to the American flag. As she resembles a jester, she has a frilled collar and a purple, polka-dotted jester's hat. She has long, blonde hair and pink eyes. She also has a pair of fairy wings and carries a torch.



Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Clownpiece's sprite in LoLK

Clownpiece appears as the Stage 5 boss of the game. She appears at the beggining of the stage and order the other fairies to attack the player. After defeating them, the player encounters again with her and Clownpiece misleads the heroine with a capital citizen and attacks her. After being defeated, exhausted and knowing the heroine is not from the moon, she lets her continue her voyage to the Sea of Tranquility to meet Junko.


100th Black Market

In 100th Black Market, Clownpiece appears as the one of the 5th market bosses. She has two ability cards dedicated to her. A scarlet moon and portrait of herself. Her english name in this game was direct translated such that it says Crown Peace.


Visionary Fairies in Shrine

While setting up a prank on Reimu Hakurei, The Three Fairies of Light hear her make mention of a new fairy. Curious about her identity, they travel to the Human Village, where they find Clownpiece manipulating the minds of the humans there, causing them to become aggressive toward one another. When confronted by The Three Fairies of Light, Clownpiece explains her power to drive people mad, and mentions that she is from Hell, but doesn't want to return there. Impressed by her ability, they invite her to live with them, but she declines, stating that she has someone else to live with. At the mention of pranking opportunities, however, Clownpiece expresses curiosity toward their abilities, and they introduce themselves. However, Clownpiece fails to comprehend and memorize their fairly simple introduction, so Sunny Milk tells her not to worry about it. Luna Child warns Clownpiece not to play her pranks in the Human Village, because the Shrine Maiden has her eye on Clownpiece. With that, The Three Fairies of Light depart home. As they leave, Clownpiece remarks her interest in the three of them.



Junko tried to fill the moon with fairies' life forces by using her ability and Clownpiece.

Hecatia Lapislazuli

Clownpiece is a subordinate of Hecatia, who allows Junko to use Clownpiece in her scheme against the Lunar Capital.

Three Fairies of Light

Clownpiece met the three fairies when she was new to Gensokyo. After sparking interest in them, they became fast friends.

Reimu Hakurei

After the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Clownpiece moved to Gensokyo. She lives directly beneath the Hakurei Shrine, where Reimu keeps a watchful eye on her after she found out Clownpiece snuck into there. Clownpiece has threatened to burn down the Hakurei Shrine on multiple occasions to the wrath of Reimu.






Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 14
獄符「ヘルエクリプス」 Hell Sign "Hell Eclipse" LoLK St. 5: E/N
獄符「地獄の蝕」 Hell Sign "Eclipse of Hell" LoLK
St. 5: H/L
獄符「フラッシュアンドストライプ」 Hell Sign "Flash and Stripe" LoLK St. 5: E/N
獄符「スターアンドストライプ」 Hell Sign "Star and Stripe" LoLK
St. 5: H/L
獄炎「グレイズインフェルノ」 Hellfire "Graze Inferno" LoLK St. 5: E/N/H
獄炎「かすりの獄意」 Hellfire "Infernal Essence of Grazing" LoLK
St. 5: L
地獄「ストライプドアビス」 Inferno "Striped Abyss" LoLK St. 5: E/N/H/L
「フェイクアポロ」 "Fake Apollo" LoLK St. 5: E/N
「アポロ捏造説」 "Apollo Hoax Theory" LoLK St. 5: H/L
獄符「バースティンググラッジ」 Hell Sign "Bursting Grudge" VD Wrong Monday - 2
獄符「ダブルストライプ」 Hell Sign "Double Stripe" VD Wrong Monday - 3
月夢「エクリプスナイトメア」 Moon Dream "Eclipse Nightmare" VD Wrong Monday - 4
極炎「地獄の釜の底の底」 Great Blaze "The Very, Very Bottom of Hell's Cauldron" 100BM 5th Market
「ルナティックトーチリレー」 "Lunatic Torch Relay" 100BM 5th Market

Additional Information

  • Her character art pose resembles the Statue of Liberty.
  • She chose to use the star-spangled pattern on her clothes after having seen the American flag on the Moon.[4]
  • When asked in an interview with Toby Fox, ZUN mentioned that Clownpiece was designed with the American flag and in the Statue of Liberty pose because he thinks of the Lunar Capital as China and thus the natural enemy is America[5]


Official Profiles

Clownpiece ○5面ボス  地獄の妖精












Stage 5 Boss - Fairy of Hell


Species: Fairy
Ability: Capable of driving people mad

A fairy from Hell.
One of Hecatia's subordinates.

Fairies can be found just about anywhere; Hell is no different.
However, the Lunarians eliminate fairies, as they reject life and death.
There are almost no fairies around the Lunar Capital.

Under Hecatia's orders, she filled the Sea of Tranquility with fairies she brought with her from Hell.
Thanks to her and her friends, the Sea of Tranquility was transformed into a fairy playland.

Then, thanks to Junko's ability, they were awakened.
They can be said to be a mass of totally pristine life energy.

"If you play around here, the Lunarians will be unable to act.
As long as nobody goes and sullies themselves with impurity, they'll be completely trapped."

...that's what she was told. So, she played to her heart's content.

The lunar surface was a desolate world, but compared to Hell, it was still beautiful and fun.
The fairies played and frolicked.
Just by doing that, the Lunarians were bound in place.

Though the Lunar Capital showed no signs of action for a long time,
a human flew over from there at last.

"If anyone comes from the Lunar Capital, go wild. Do anything you like."
As she remembered being told that, she was as ecstatic as could be.

Official Sources

Official sources


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