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This page lists various official and fan-made Touhou comics. They are arranged first by original language, then by group. If categorization by group is not viable, any related context is used instead. Non-English comics are generally English translations, but in some cases the pages also contain untranslated stuff, so as to be complete and to facilitate retrieval for translation.
Some older releases can be found at Gaku-Touhou's old page, the backup archive, and a torrent archive here.

Download links that are no longer hosted on will be replaced with Mediafire links. If you experience problems with any of these links (corrupted files, missing link, etc), please post a message here.

Unofficial (Chinese)[edit]

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Unofficial (English)[edit]

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Collaboration works between many artists.


  • Unknown Author Comics - Comics, oneshots and/or short series with unknown authors.
  • Potential Comics - Comics in the image board or in other sources, that should be translated, edited or moved here.
  • Comics by Release - Released comics arranged by the month, updated as soon as they're archived.