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Crimson Circle (クリムゾンサークル Kurimuzon sākuru), is a dōjin sākuru (同人サークル), also called as a circle that consists of people with whom one shares
a common goal or interest. Crimson Circle started and it was announced on Shin's 20th birthday on 17th of November.

Shin decided to develop a multi-core development projects with a number of variations pertaining to different areas such as Web Development, Game Development,
Graphics Designing, Multimedia Development, Software Development, Hardware Development, Operating System Development, and Mobile Application Development.

So he informed his circle of friends about his plan to develop a wide range of development projects especially on Game Development.
Then he decided to start Fabula Luna Vermiculus (ファブラルナヴェルミクルス Fabura runa vu~erumikurusu), a Development Team that focused on Game Development
especially on Role Playing Games.

Shin already started developing a fantasy Role Playing Game, entitled Paradigm Shift (パラダイムシフト Paradaimushifuto) alongside with other developers of
Fabula Luna Vermiculus


Crimson Circle logo

Crimson Circle
クリムゾンサークル official website
Shin (シン) <Fabula Luna Vermiculus> — Lead Programmer, Script, Character Graphics, System Graphics, and Sound Effects

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パラダイムシフト REMIX / ARRANGED OSTs Compilation
Release date: TBA

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