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Crows from Mountain of Faith
Sprite of a crow from Mountain of Faith.

Youkai Mountain

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Crows (カラス karasu), also karasu (), refers to any animal within the genus Corvus in the family Corvidae. This genus includes true crows, ravens, rooks, and jackdaws. Of the three birds within this genus not called a crow, the raven resembles and is misidentified as a crow. Crows are also considered one of the smartest animals on earth due to their learning capabilities and ability to make tools. In the Touhou Project, crows can be found within Youkai Mountain near Tengu territory, and ravens can be found in Former Hell.

Types of Crows


Although technically a raven is a crow, not all crows are ravens due to distinct features that make them different.

The Crow's Appearances


Sprite of crows in Story of Eastern Wonderland
Story of Eastern Wonderland

Crows appeared as a general enemy on stage 2 and the the Extra stage of Story of Eastern Wonderland. Despite their bat-like appearance, they were officially referred to as "crows" (からす) in the strategy guide. They'll come scrolling down towards Reimu Hakurei and Genji, shooting small white danmaku. They are trivial to deal with, but if playing on Lunatic, they'll shoot danmaku as return fire if defeated. They also re-appear on stage 4, coloured in blue.


Mountain of Faith

Crows as a stage enemy first appeared on stage 4 of Mountain of Faith. After defeating Momiji Inubashiri, a large group of crows will fly over the screen. Before encountering Aya Shameimaru, they'll come in large groups, shooting yellow danmaku at the player.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Crows re-appear in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody as Aya's familiar. They only appear in the spell card Pelting in the Night, where once triggered, a calls of murderous crows will attack the opponent. The attack delay is lengthy, allowing easy co-ordination. Since they are just normal crows, they flee when the opponent attacks them.


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