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A Daidarabotchi (ダイダラボッチ Daidarabocchi, lit. "Giant") was a mythical giant youkai in Japanese mythology. It is said that he was so big, he was able to create innumerable lakes and ponds with his footprints. In one legend, the Daidarabotchi wanted to compare which was heavier; Mount Fuji or Mount Tsukuba. He weighed them on a great scale, and when he was finished with them he dropped the latter and its peak split in two.

Daidarabotchi in Touhou

In the Touhou Project, Cirno thought she saw a Daidarabotchi in Touhou Hisoutensoku and thought if she can defeat it, she doesn't have to be afraid of anything again. It turned out to be Hisoutensoku, and Cirno ended up fighting Alice Margatroid with the Goliath Doll, who is a giant Doll. It is unknown whether there are any Daidarabotchi in Gensokyo or not.

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