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Values and information based on version: 0.980c

Convenience Store[edit]

Experimental templates, see discussion page please.

MAGICSHROOM KEBAB.jpg Name: Magicshroom Kebab (245) (580)
Recipe: Saigyouji Branch, Magicshroom
Effect: +4 STR, +3 All stats.
Special: Eat (active): Permanently increases 3 STR.
Note: Disappears after usage.

KARAKASA IN A BOX.jpg Name: Precious Thing (300) (1100)
Recipe: Grafiti Petal, Soft Drink.
Effect: +8 STR, +1 MP regen.
Special: Receive gifts(?) (passive): Every 10 seconds you gain 5 gold.
Note: Precious Thing does not stack with similar effects.

Dr Jekyll.jpg Name: Jiao Shou's Mask (800) (2400)
Recipe: Saigyouji Branch, Graffiti Petal, Paper Mask.
Effect: +5 Attack, +18 STR, +3 AGI, +3 INT.
Special: Troll (Active): -40% movement speed for all nearby enemies within 300 range. Lasts 4 seconds. Cooldown: 25s.

BTNitemyuugicup.png Name: Sake dish (700) (2800)
Recipe: Paper mask, Precious gift.
Effect: +23 STR, +1 MP regen.
Special: Sake(?) (Active): Reduces target's magic damage and movement speed by -40%, Cast Range: 600, Cooldown: 60s.

MAGICSHROOM PIE.jpg Name: Magicshroom pie (245) (580)
Recipe: Cat Mint, Magicshroom
Effect: +4 AGI, +3 All stats.
Special: Eat (Active): Permanently increases 3 AGI.
Note: Disappears after usage.

KAPPA PISTOL.png Name: Kappa pistol (200) (1100)
Recipe: nekomimi, Sailor Uniform
Effect: +8 AGI, +4 Armour.
Special: Gunslinger girl(?) (passive): Adds 55 bonus damage vs creeps on your regular attacks.
Note: Kappa pistol does not stack with similar effects.

KITSUNE EXALT.jpg Name: Kitsune Exalt (500) (2100)
Recipe: Cat Mint, Nekomimi, Cat Claws
Effect: +5 Attack, +3 STR, +18 AGI, +3 INT.
Special: Zero Phasing (Active): Immediately +15% movement speed and ignores unit pathing when moving. Using skills/items ends the effect. Lasts 7 seconds, Cooldown: 14s.
Note: Passive critical and bash will not activate while Zero Phasing is active.

BTNitemMobile.png Name: Modern Smartphone (1000) (3000)
Recipe: Cat Claws, Birdy.
Effect: +16 AGI, +250 MP.
Special: Phone (Passive): Each attack gives one charge. A charge gives +5 AGI and restores +1.5 MP. Charges last for 5 seconds. Maximum 5 charges.

MAGICSHROOM SOUP.jpg Name: Magicshroom Soup (245) (580)
Recipe: Recipe of Oz, Magicshroom
Effect: +4 INT, +3 All stats.
Special: Eat (Active): Permanently increases 3 INT.
Note: Disappears after usage.

YAGOKORO DOLL.jpg Name: Dr.Yagokoro Doll (150) (1100)
Recipe: Basics of Magic: Wind, Tengu's Talisman.
Effect: +8 INT, +12% Attack speed.
Special: Rescue(?) (active): Instantly heals 240 HP, however after 10 seconds 45 HP/s is lost for 5 seconds. Cannot cause death. Cooldown: 40s.

LUNA DIAL.png Name: Unknown Stopwatch (800) (2400)
Recipe: Recipe of Oz, Basics of Magic: Wind, Lunar Landing Rocket Manual
Effect: +5 Attack, +3 STR, +3 AGI, +18 INT.
Special: 1.6 millimetre speed (active): Stops the target unit's time for 1.44s. Cast Range: 400, Cooldown: 80s.

MAGICIANS HAT.jpg Name: Magician's Hat (700) (2950)
Recipe: Sake, Basics of Magic: Wind, Lunar Landing Rocket Manual.
Effect: +19 INT, +2.5 MP regen.
Special: Cyclone (Active): Tosses an enemy girl into the air for 3 seconds. Cast range: 700, Cooldown 85s.

Round Tent[edit]

SCYTHE.png Name: Great Scythe of Shinigami (0) (3700)
Recipe: God's right hand, Desert x2, Tiny Scissors.
Effect: +16 Damage, +19 STR, +4 HP regen.
Special: Soul Harvester (passive): 25% chance (melee) or 15% chance (ranged) to deal 20 magic damage + [ Your HP - Target HP) × 0.16 ] as magic damage on regular attacks. If you have less HP than your target, this passive does not work.
Note: Scythe does not stack with similar effects.

TENTACLE.jpg Name: Tentacle (1000) (4200)
Recipe: Paper Mask x2, Sin Pouch.
Effect: +25 STR, +10 Magic resistance.
Special: *Cough* Censorz… (active): Summons *censored* in 500 AoE around the user which proceed to *censored* the enemies for 9 seconds. *censored* has 13-15 attack, 400 HP, Cooldown: 20s.

BTNitemFrock.JPG Name: Nightshade Dress (450) (5300)
Recipe: God's Right Hand, Ice Cube, Sailor Uniform.
Effect: +29 STR, +10 AGI, +10 INT, +4 Armour.
Special: Depression (passive): Does [ 20 + Highest enemy stat × 0.40 ] magic damage to enemies who attack you. Does 50 damage to creeps.
Note: Nightshade dress does not stack with similar effects.

TACITUS.jpg Name: Tacticus (2000) (6000)
Recipe: God's Right Hand x2.
Effect: +45 STR.
Special: This is Loneliness (passive): Grants HP regen of [ 1.75% of missing HP ] per second.
Note: Tacticus does not stack with similar effects.

KATANA.png Name: Shinzanken (0) (3450)
Recipe: Small Screwdriver, Cat Claws, Bloomers.
Effect: +30 Attack, +10 AGI, +4 Magic resistance.
Special: Piercing Truth (passive): Reduces enemy's mana by 4% of their max mana per hit. If the user is a melee girl, it will also deal 70% (melee) or 35% (ranged) of the mana burnt as physical damage.
Note: Shinzanken does not stack with similar effects.

Smoking dude.png Name: Brother Sharp (850) (4000)
Recipe: Tengu Feather Fan, Banana.
Effect: +6 All stats, +24 AGI, +14% Movement speed.
Note: Movement speed bonus does not stack with Anchor or Banana.

BTNitemflandresword.png Name: Lævateinn (450) (5500)
Recipe: Ice Cube, Tengu's Feather Fan, Silver Knife.
Effect: +10 STR, +29 AGI, +10 INT, 12.5% Life steal.
Special: Core Destroy(?) (passive): +12.5% bonus damage when attacking girls or creeps.
Note: Lævateinn does not stack with itself.

Btnitemcamara.png Name: Hi-Tech Camera (2000) (6000)
Recipe: Tengu Feather Fan x2.
Effect: +45 AGI.
Special: Why not take a picture (passive): Does [ Target's max health × 4% ] magic damage when attacking.
Note: Camera does not stack with similar effects.

EIRIN BOW.png Name: Lunar Bow (0) (4000)
Recipe: Dr. Yagokoro doll, Lunar Landing Rocket Manual, Fruit Knife, Lunarite.
Effect: +14 Attack, +16 INT, 52% Attack speed.
Special: Lunar Arrow(?) (Active): Fires an piercing arrow which does 100 + [ 3.00 × INT ] physical damage. Only affects enemy girls. Range 2000 (maximum), Arrow radius 100, Cooldown: 60s.

GHGM.jpg Name: Ibmbp’s Go Home and Get Married (1500) (4400)
Recipe: Sake, Basics of Magic: Wind, Stolen Magic book.
Effect: +25 INT, +3 MP regen.
Special: Taboo (Active): Hexes a target enemy girl into a cute Yukkuri, lasts 2.5 seconds. Range 800, Cooldown: 120s.

BTNitemviolin.png Name: Melancholic Violin (350) (5100)
Recipe: Ice Cube, Stolen Magic Book, Bloomers.
Effect: +10 STR, +29 INT, +10 AGI, +4 Magic resistance.
Special: Melancholy (passive): Ignores 30% of enemy's magic resistance. % based magic resistance reduction is applied after flat magic resistance reduction.

MINI HAKKERO.jpg Name: Mini-Hakkero (2000) (6000)
Recipe: Stolen magic book x2.
Effect: +45 INT.
Special: Melancholy (passive): Ignores 30% of enemy's magic resistance. % based magic resistance reduction is applied after flat magic resistance reduction.
Note: Hakkero does not stack with similar effects.

Yellow Burning Shop[edit]

BTNitemsunnyclap.png Name: Sunny Hairpin (850) (1600)
Recipe: Saigyouji Branch x2, Nekomimi.
Effect: +8 STR, +8 AGI.
Special: Sunny (passive): Duration of negative effects are decreased by 25%.
Note: Sunny Hairpin does not stack with similar effects.

BTNitemmoney.png Name: Shinigami Coin (800) (2250/3050/3850/4650/5450)
Recipe: Tiny Scissors, Graffiti Petal.
Effect: +16 Attack, +6/7/8/9/10 STR, +3/3.5/4/4.5/5 AGI.
Special: Blink (active): Blinks to target location. Cast range: 400/525/650/775/900, Cooldown: 160/140/120/100/80s.
Note: Upgradeable, buy recipe again to upgrade. Each upgrade improves the item. Max 5 levels.

BTNitemkoishihat.png Name: Koishi's Hat (0) (2500)
Recipe: Sunny Hairpin, Blessed Frog from an Ice Fairy.
Effect: +9 Attack, +8 STR, +8 AGI, +9% Attack speed.
Special: Explore (active): Burns 275 MP and -40% accuracy of target for 4 seconds, Cast range: 700, Cooldown: 30s.

DISBTNitemDragonStar.JPG Name: Dragon Star (1150) (4100)
Recipe: Nekomimi, Paper mask, Small Hammer.
Effect: +20 Attack, +10 STR, +6 AGI.
Special: Lone Star (active): Reduces the duration of all negative statuses by 998 times, for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 75s.

BTNitemcursepaper.png Name: Cursed Charm (850) (1600)
Recipe: Recipe of Oz x2, Graffiti Petal.
Effect: +8 STR, +8 INT.
Special: Misfortune (active): Gains +1 charge if a girl dies within 900 range. When used on target, does 50 + [ charges × 100 ] magical damage. Maximum 4 charges.

BTNitemhealingstar.png Name: Healing Star (700) (1950/2650/3350/4050/4750)
Recipe: Basics of Magic: Wind, Steamed Bun.
Effect: +6/7/8/9/10 STR, +6/7/8/9/10 INT, +4 HP regen.
Special: Cure (active): Heals 250/350/450/550/650 HP, Cast range: 600, Cooldown: 150/130/110/90/70s.
Note: Upgradeable, buy recipe again to upgrade. Each upgrade improves the item. Max 5 levels.

BTNitemyuyukowi.png Name: Hakugyoukurou Fan (0) (2450)
Recipe: Stolen Magic Book, Saigyouji Branch x3.
Effect: +9 STR, +19 INT.
Special: Get-lost-wave (active): Fires a fan. Does 200 + [ minutes passed × 4 ] magical damage, Cast range: 975 (maximum), Cooldown 60s.

GREEN DAM YOUTH ESCORT.jpg Name: Green Dam Youth Escort (1350) (4100)
Recipe: ZUN's Hat, Graffiti Petal, Lunar Landing Rocket Manual.
Effect: +170 HP, +150 MP, +6 STR, +10 INT.
Special: I Won’t Let You See, Pervert! (Active): Activates a shield blocking all damage from spells. Does not block negative effects. Last 4.5 seconds, Cooldown: 75s.

BTNitemJealousEye.png Name: Green-Eyed Jealousy (850) (1600)
Recipe: Basics of Magic: Wind, Cat Mint x2.
Effect: +8 AGI, +8 INT.
Special: Paruparu (passive): When killed by enemy girl, it receives 300 magic damage.
Note: Green eyed jealousy does not stack with itself.

SDL.jpg Name: Scarlet Devil Launcher (900) (1750/2650/3550/4450/5350)
Recipe: Fruit Knife, Recipe of Oz x3.
Effect: +9 Attack, +5/6/7/8/9 AGI, +10/12/14/16/18 INT.
Special: Here, Eat This! (Active): Does 200/300/400/500/600 damage on targeted enemy unit and stuns for 0.01/0.25/0.50/0.75/1.00 seconds, Cast range: 400/500/600/700/800, Cooldown: 100/95/90/85/80s.
Note: Upgradeable. 5 levels. Buy recipe to upgrade.

BTNitemNueBow.png Name: Grudge Bow (0) (2700)
Recipe: Kappa Pistol, Lunar Rocket Landing Manual, Tengu's Talisman.
Effect: +8 AGI, +10 INT, +4 Armour, +15% Attack speed.
Special: Grudge (passive): Each attack does 25 magic damage and places a stackable debuff on the target. Each debuff does -1.5 magic resistance for 2.5 seconds. Maximum 5 stacks.
Note: Grudge Bow does not stack with itself.

BTNitemCross.png Name: Crucifix (1350) (4150)
Recipe: Cat Claws, Basics of Magic: Wind, Wooden Stool.
Effect: +15 Attack, +6 AGI, +6 INT, 9% Life steal.
Special: Blessing (active): +100% Evasion for 4 seconds, Cooldown: 75s.


  • Internet Addiction Eliminator (4900)
Price: 800
Recipe: Kappa Pistol, Paper Mask, Little Screwdriver.
Effect: +30 Attack, +14 STR, +14 AGI, +4 Armour.
Freeze, You Require Aid! (Active): Drops Movement Speed to 0% for 2 seconds, recovers slowly, Cast Range: 180, Cooldown: 36s.

  • Sword of the Gods (5600) (Not available in v0.980c!)
Price: 1100
Recipe: Sunny hair clip, Feather wings, Gum.
Effect: +8 STR, +8 AGI, +750 HP.
La la la~ (active): Taunts all enemy girls in 300 radius for 2.1 seconds, Cooldown: 80s.

  • History Book (1000)
Price: 815
Recipe: Mushroom
Effect: +5 to all stats.
History lesson (passive): -25% to death timer.

  • Frozen Eye (4500)
Price: 300
Recipe: Blessed Frog from an Ice Fairy, Ice Cube, History Book.
Effect: +9 Attack, +15 All Stats, +9% Attack speed.
Perfect Frozen Frog (Passive): Regular attacks inflict cold on the opponent, -30% Movement speed for 1 seconds.
Text: A frog in a cube of ice? A masterpiece is born, wonderful. If there are any bugs and suggestions, don’t email me at [email protected]
Frozen Eye effect does not stack

  • 3D Escapade (4500)
Price: 1600
Recipe: Precious Thing, Lunar Landing Rocket Manual, Sake.
Effect: +14 STR, +14 INT, +4 MP regen.
Reality (Active): Turns target ethereal for 4 seconds, -10 magic resistance, -35% movement speed, Cast Range: 450, Spirit Cost: 130MP, Cooldown: 24s.

  • Banana (1000)
Price: 630
Recipe: Magic mushroom x2
Effect: +4 All Stats, +6% Movement Speed.
Movement Speed bonus does not stack with banana, anchor, brother sharp or ???

  • Frost Hat (4500)
Price: 1400
Recipe: Ice Cube, Lunar hairpin.
Effect: +10 all stats, +130 MP.
Perfect Freeze (passive): -20% movement speed for 1 second to your targets when you cause magic damage to them.

  • Substitution Doll (4700)
Price: 1700
Recipe: Dr. Yagokoro Doll, Cat's Claws, Blessed Frog from an Ice Fairy.
Effect: +30 Attack, +14 AGI, +14 INT, +30% Attack speed.
Substitution (active): Creates a copy at the user’s position while the user becomes invisible. The copy does not deal damage but takes 15% less damage than the original. Last 7 second. Cooldown: 30s.
Text: One of Alice's prototype projects, a lot of effort has been used on the doll that is capable of swapping positions with it's owner with being detected by anyone. Heavily focused on the defensive, this doll's only flaw is that it does not have offensive powers.

  • Newbie Detector β (2000/3000/4000/5000/6000)
Price: 1000
Upgradeable, buy recipe again to upgrade. Each upgrade improves the item. Max 5 levels.
Recipe: History Book.
Effect: +11 [+3] Attack, +8 [+3] All stats.
Call of Duty (active): Summons 3 Salesman which have 200 [+50], 41-41 [+10-10] Attack, 4 Armour, 1.35 Attack rate, 370 [+38] movement speed. Each Sales man lasts 30 seconds. Cooldown: 60s.
Salesman passives:
New Salesman (passive): Spawns a new salesman for every 12 [-2] attacks.
The Break dance (passive): Randomly has 0.50% [+0.25%] chance to stun for 0.1s in 400 radius.

  • Light of the Fireflies (6000)
Price: 1200
Recipe: Sunny Hairpin, Misfortune charm, Green eyed jealousy.
Effect: +21 All stats.
Night show (passive): Negative effects duration reduced by -25%. Killing enemy girls gives +2 all stats (+1 for assists). Upon death, all bonus gained is lost and does [ lost bonus stats × 100 ] magic damage to the enemy who killed you.


  • Watermelon (1500)
Price: 1100
Recipe: Fruit Knife
Effect: +12 Attack
Melon (passive): -3 armour for 2 seconds when attacking enemies.
Watermelon does not stack with similar effects

  • Titanic Oar (2000)
Price: 600
Recipe: Fruit Knife, Tiny Scissors.
Effect: +26 Attack.
Critical Strike (passive): Has a 20% chance to deal 150% damage.

  • Autumn Leaves (3550)
Price: 700
Recipe: Lunarite, Wooden stool.
Effect: +20 Attack, +30% Attack speed, 7.5% Life steal.
Patience (passive): 100% accuracy on regular attacks.
Autumn leaves does not stack with itself.

  • Devil’s Milk Tooth of Chaos (5200)
Price: 1100
Recipe: Small screwdriver, Wooden stool, Silver knife.
Effect: +50 Attack.
Life steal (passive): 21.5%
Brutal (active): +100% attack speed, +30% movement speed, +8.5% life steal, user takes 130% more damage. Lasts 7 seconds, Cooldown: 35s.

  • Lunarite (1500)
Price: 500
Recipe: Tengu Amulet x2
Effect: +5 Attack, +40% Attack Speed.

  • Tax-collecting Yin Yang orb (2350)
Price: 270
Recipe: Any Mushroom upgrade (kebab/pie/soup), Small Hammer.
Effect: +22 Attack, +6 All stats.
Income Tax (Passive): Has 20% chance to gain 33 points on a kill. Has 1.0s cooldown for it to re-trigger.
Tax Orb does not stack with itself.

  • Anchor (4000)
Price: 850
Recipe: Titanic Oar, Banana
Effect: +32 Attack, +4 All stats, +10% Movement speed.
Anchor berserk(?)(passive): Critical chance increases by +5% for every 200 damage you receive. Each charge last 12 seconds, maximum 6 stacks.
Anchor does not stack with Heaven's Peach item.
Movement Speed bonus does not stack with Banana or Brother Sharp.

  • Karakasa Umbrella (1550)
Price: 50
Recipe: Small Hammer
Effect: +11 Attack.
Surprise party (aura): +11 attack to allies within 600 radius.
Aura does not stack.

  • Inaba’s Medicinal Sceptre (2700)
Price: 700
Recipe: Small Hammer, Tengu's talisman.
Effect: +26 Attack, +15% Attack speed.
Medicine for dizziness (passive): 15% chance to stun an enemy for 1 second (for melee) or 0.4 seconds (for ranged).
Inaba does not stack with similar effects.

  • Watermelon Sword (4500)
Price: 1000
Recipe: Little Screwdriver, Watermelon.
Effect: +42 Attack.
Ability to cut iron (passive): -9 Armour for 2 seconds when attacking enemies.
Watermelon sword does not stack with similar effects.

  • Suwako Nice Boat (6000)
Price: 2000
Recipe: Small Screwdriver, Titanic Oar.
Effect: +75 Attack.
Critical Strike (passive): Has 20% chance to deal 250% damage.

Kourindou Branch[edit]

  • Portable Donation Box (750)
Price: 400
Recipe: Apple.
Effect: +130 HP.
Blackmail (Active): Does 600 crushing damage to a target. If it dies, you gain 15 points. Cast range: 300, Cooldown: 75s.

  • Mystia's Flute (4000)
Price: 250
Recipe: Paper mask, Cat Claws, Lunar landing rocket manual.
Effect: +10 All stats, +130 HP.
Nightbird's song: All allies within 600 radius gain +40% movement speed for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 60s.

  • Lunar Hairpin (750)
Price: 400
Recipe: Grapes.
Effect: +110 MP.
Lunar experience (passive): +5 experience every 5 seconds.

  • Nuclear Fusion Control Rod (4150)
Price: 550
Recipe: Birdy x2, Party Basket.
Effect: +400 MP, +4 HP regen, +2 MP regen.
Nuclear power (passive): All skill cooldown timers -25%.
Does not work for 「Red the Nightless Castle」, 「??」...
Nuclear rod does not stack with similar effects.

  • Storm crow (3750)
Price: 250
Recipe: HJ's BUG.
Effect: +515 HP, +450 MP.
Flight (active): Lifts your own girl up for 4 seconds to become invulnerable. Cooldown: 45s.

  • Fruit Basket (750)
Price: 50
Recipe: Apple, Grapes.
Effect: +130 HP, +110 MP.
Healthy grow (passive): Upon levelling up, restores +130 HP and +110 MP.

  • Yuri/Lily (2700)
Price: 750
Recipe: Zun hat, Fruit basket.
Effect: +310 HP, +260 MP.
Couple Bond (Active): Binds a target with a red magical thread, dragging along your hero with the target. If target exceeds 600 range, the bond is broken. Cast range: 400, lasts 7 seconds, Cooldown: 35s.

  • HJ’s BUG (3500)
Price: 500
Recipe: Birdy, Zun Hat, Gum
Effect: +515 HP, +450 MP.

  • Xiao Yushen’s Adamantine (6000)
Xiao Yushen’s Adamantine.jpg
Price: 1750
Recipe: HJ’s BUG, Fruit basket.
Effect: +645 HP, +560 MP.
Rage (active): Becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 85s.


  • Portable Bento (750)
Price: 50
Recipe: Dessert, Soft Drink.
Effect: +2 HP regen, +1 MP regen. Each time nearby enemies within 1500 range cast a spell, you collect 1 bento. Maximum 7 charges.
Consume (Active): Instantly uses up all charges, immediately recovering [ Charge × 16 HP & × 10 MP ], Cooldown: 45s.

  • Party Basket (1600)
Price: 0
Recipe: Bun, Sake.
Effect: +4 HP regen, +2 regen, 10% Cooldown reduction.
Text: A basket that is always used in Hakurei Shrine festivals, it contains a lot of food inside it.

  • You Sure That's Enough Armor? (3333)
Price: 1933
Recipe: Grand Dress, Fruit Knife, Bento
No Problem, Everything is Fine!
Effect: +18 Attack, +4 armour, +4 magic resistance, +4 HP regen, +2 MP regen. Each time an enemy girl (within 1500 range) casts a spell, you collect 1 blonde dude. Maximum 7 blonde dudes can be charged.
No problem, everything is fine (active): Instantly uses up all charges, immediately recovering [ Charge × 40 HP & × 20 MP ]. With 7 charges, all negative effects are removed. Cooldown: 60s.

  • Hakurei Shrine Amulet (4000)
Price: 100
Recipe: Ice Cube, Party Basket.
Effect: +10 All Stats, +4 HP regen, +2 MP regen, 10% Cooldown reduction.
Miko’s Blessing (passive): Effectively blocks an enemy’s non-ultimate spell that target the user every 20 seconds.
Text: You will get the blessing after you have paid for it.

  • Rod of Remorse (650)
Price: 0
Recipe: Dessert x2.
Effect: +2 HP regen.
Sinful (aura): Allies within 600 radius receive +2 HP/s healing.

  • Summer Reitaisai Invitation (3200)
Price: 800
Recipe: Party Basket, Luxurious Bento
Effect: +400 HP
Party Aura (aura): All allies within 600 radius gain +4 HP/s regen.
Party (active): Instantly recovers 240 HP to all allies within 600 radius, Cooldown: 60s.
Text: Once you have this, you can invite your friends to join in the fun.
Auras do not stack

  • Jeweled Pagoda (750)
Price: 100
Recipe: Soft Drink x2.
Effect: +1 MP regen.
Jeweled pagoda (aura): Allies within 600 radius receive +1 MP/s regen.

  • Yatagarasu (2250)
Price: 500
Recipe: Birdy, Jeweled Pagoda.
Effect: +200 MP.
Hell raven (active): Instantly recovers 120 MP to all units within 600 Radius, Cooldown 60s.
Text: A legendary raven said to have the power to control energy. It currently lives in the Forest of Magic in Gensokyo after countless observations from humans.

  • Onbashira (2250)
Price: 600
Recipe: Jeweled Pagoda, Sin Pouch.
Effect: +2 MP regen, +4 magic resistance.
God's blessing (aura): Allies within 600 radius receive +6 magic resistance.


  • PAD (1900)
Price: 100
Recipe: Gum, Bun
Effect: +245 HP, +4 HP regen.
PAD (passive): Blocks 40% of non-hero damage.

  • Myon Balloon (2650)
Price: 1000
Recipe: Sailor Dress, Swimsuit.
Effect: +18 Armour.
Ghost armour (active): +5 Armour. Attacking enemies get -50% movement speed for 2 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds, Cooldown: 25s.
Text: A balloon in the shape of Youmu's Myon. You will look like a real half-ghost when you put your balloon on.

  • Phoenix Wings (4600)
Price: 1400
Recipe: Feathered Wings , Swimsuit
Effect: +475 HP, +10 Armour
Burning Phoenix (aura): Does 30 pure damage within 500 radius to all enemies.
Auras do not stack, neither on multiple girls

  • Blood stained Parasol (2800)
Price: 100
Recipe: Karakasa Umbrella, Sailor dress.
Effect: +6 Armour.
Scarlet Devil Mist (aura): +6 Armour and +22 attack to all allies within 600 radius.
Auras do not stack

  • ZUN's Glasses (2650)
Price: 1000
Recipe: Sin Pouch, Bloomers.
Effect: +18 Magic resistance.
ZUN-sama's protection (passive): If a magic attack does more damage than your current hp, it is reduced by 50% Has a cooldown.
Text: Wearing this makes you feel that ZUN is protecting you. Enter into a vivid world of danmaku with these.
Magic resistance does not stack

  • Third Eye (4300)
Third Eye.png
Price: 1200
Recipe: Lunar Landing Rocket Manual x2, Sin Pouch
Effect: Unknown
3rd Eye (active): Unknown

  • Heaven Peach (2500)
Price: 400
Recipe: Blessed frog from an ice fairy, Candle.
Effect: +9 Attack, +9% attack speed, +20% evasion.
M-Peach (Passive): Every 200 damage received +9% attack speed is added. Maximum 6 stacks, each stack lasts 12 seconds.
Dodge chance does not stack, only highest chance is calculated. Heaven's Peach does not stack with similar effects.

  • Iku's clothes (3300)
Price: 800
Recipe: Swimsuit, Sin Pouch.
Effect: +12 Armour, +12 magic resistance.
Can't touch this (active): Pushes enemies back within 300 radius away for 300 range. Cooldown 40s.

  • Akyu's Gensokyo Chronicles (4000)
Price: 1100
Recipe: History Book, Banana, Sailor Dress, Bloomers.
Effect: +12 All stats, +6 Armour, +6 Magic resistance, +9% Movement speed.
Original story (passive): -25% to death timer. Upon death, you gain +8 to all stats for 240 seconds.

Transportation Llama Shop (Llama)[edit]

  • Llama Doll (Red-Horned Triple Speed Type) (1600)
Price: 1100
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +50 Movement speed, +8 STR, +20% HP regen.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

  • Llama Doll (Green-Browed Super Jump Type) (1500)
Price: 1000
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +50 Movement Speed, +8 AGI, +25% Attack speed.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

  • Llama Doll (Blue-Spectacled Gas Breath Type) (1700)
Price: 1200
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +50 Movement speed, +8 INT, +30% MP regen.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

  • ⑨ Ball (1100)
Price: 600
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +50 Movement speed.
Stupid blink (active): Randomly blinks you between 300 and 700 distance, Cooldown: 28s.
Text: The strongest ball, it's so perfect that nobody knows what it does.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

  • ⑥ Ball (1550)
Price: 1050
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +50 Movement speed.
Fission (passive): Enemy magic resistance -4 when dealing damage.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

  • Yakumo Sukima Generator (2300)
Price: 1800
Recipe: Witch’s Broom
Effect: +65 Movement speed.
Gap (Active): Teleports to any allied unit or structure on the map. 4 seconds channelling time, Cooldown: 60s.
Text: A very popular product manufactured by the Yakumo Corporation, it gives you the thrill of being spirited away.
Movement speed bonus from items does not stack

Symbol shop[edit]

  • Saigyouji Branch
Price: 150
Effect: +3 STR.
Text: Branch torn by some idiot who disrespects Nature.

  • Cat Mint
Price: 150
Effect: +3 AGI.
Text: A species of herb that lives in tropical forests, cats like this very much nyo~

  • Recipe of Oz
Price: 150
Effect: +3 INT.
Text: This scroll has Oz’s favourite food written on it - omelette rice.

  • Petit Cucumber
Price: 53
Effect: +1 All Stats
Text: Kappa’s favourite cucumber.

  • Graffiti Petal
Price: 450
Effect: +6 STR
Text: Sakura petal fouled by some idiot who disrespects Nature.

  • Nekomimi
Price: 450
Effect: +6 AGI
Text: Very moe nekomimi nyo~

  • Basics of Magic: Wind
Price: 450
Effect: +6 INT
Text: One of the book’s from Patchouli’s library, it contains basics on applying wind skills. It’s not sure why this book is sold on Marisa’s store.

  • Magicshroom
Price: 185
Effect: +2 All Stats
Text: A common species of mushroom found in The Forest of Magic. Supposedly a good luck charm.

  • Paper Mask
Price: 1000
Effect: +10 STR
Text: A mask made out of tissue. Wearing it makes you look tougher.

  • Cat Claws
Price: 1000
Effect: +10 AGI
Text: Wearing these increases your finger dexterity nyo~

  • Lunar Landing Rocket Manual
Price: 1000
Effect: +10 INT
Text: A popular book for Lunarians, Chang’E used this as train equipment once to fly towards the moon.

  • Ice Cube
Price: 2300
Effect: +10 All Stats
Text: Once upon a storm, the founder of Ran Ran Ru invented this item, which revolutionizes beverages of this century.


  • Fruit Knife
Price: 400
Effect: +9 Attack

  • Tiny Scissors
Price: 1000
Effect: +16 Attack
Text: The legendary weapon used for clipping fingernails.

  • Small Hammer
Price: 1500
Effect: +22 Attack
Text: This thing can really hurt your head.

  • Little Screwdriver
Price: 2000
Effect: +30 Attack
Text: Screwing people is never a problem with a screwdriver in hand.

  • Concordia
Price: 6000
Effect: +350 Attack
Text: (Whisper: Crabs’ existence is eternal and unbreakable!)
Drops on Death

  • Tengu’s Talisman
Price: 500
Effect: +15% Attack speed.
Text: Everyone must have seen it now! This notebook that Ayaya carries around everywhere is not just a notebook, it’s also a tengu’s talisman!

  • Blessed Frog from an Ice Fairy
Price: 900
Effect: +9 Attack, +9% Attack speed.
Text: The champion of all the frogs, which has even more powers after a smooch from an ice fairy.

  • Silver Knife
Price: 3000
Effect: 12.5% Life steal.
Text: Favourite item used by vampire hunters, apples become very delicious when you use this knife to cut.
Silver Knife does not stack with itself.

  • Wooden Stool
Price: 1350
Effect: +15 Attack, +9% Life steal.
Text: (something)
Wooden stool does not stack with itself.


  • Grand Dress
Price: 250
Effect: +2 Armour, +2 Magic resistance.
Text: Grand Dress, short for Grandmother's Dress.

  • Sailor Uniform
Price: 450
Effect: +4 Armour
Text: An elegant sailor girl’s dress, finished with an extremely short mini-skirt for ease of battle!

  • Swimsuit
Price: 1100
Effect: +10 Armour
Text: A swimsuit that looks thin but is powerful within.

  • Bloomers
Price: 450
Effect: +4 Magic resistance.
Text: Wear this on your head and you will be fearless.

  • Sin Pouch
Price: 1100
Effect: +10 Magic resistance.

  • Candle
Price: 1200
Effect: +15% Evasion.
Evasion does not stack

  • God's Right Hand
Price: 2000
Effect: +19 STR
Text: God's Right Hand is always a part of DotS, a temporary disappearance does not mean it will never come back.

  • Tengu's Feather Fan
Price: 2000
Effect: +19 AGI
Text: A certain tengu's fan, seems to be mass-produced by a factory in Youkai Mountain.

  • Stolen Magic Book
Price: 2000
Effect: +19 INT
Text: Someone stole this book, sold it, and finally auctioned in public.

Umbrella shop[edit]

  • Dessert
Price: 350
Effect: +2 HP regen.
Text: A dessert made by the founder of Ran Ran Ru, this desert will never finish no matter how much you consume!

  • Bun
Price: 800
Effect: +4 HP Regen
Text: If you think this is just a bun, you’re wrong. This is actually a hamburger bun!

  • Soft Drink
Price: 350
Effect: +2 MP regen.
Text: A soft drink is a drink that is soft, if you’re wondering where does the soft come from, just use your imagination.

  • Sake
Price: 800
Effect: +4 MP regen.
Text: Booze is good!

  • Apple
Price: 350
Effect: +130 HP.
Text: < text >

  • Gum
Price: 1000
Effect: +245 HP.
Text: Gum Gum makes you go Numb Numb, Bum Bum!

  • Feathered Wings
Price: 2000
Effect: +475 HP

  • Zun Hat
Price: 1000
Effect: +170 HP and +150 MP.
Text: If your loli has no decorations on her head, she will die.

  • Grapes
Price: 350
Effect: +110 MP.
Text: < text >

  • Birdy
Price: 1000
Effect: +200 MP.
Text: Frequently chatting with a bird can activate your brain cells, chatting long enough will quickly turn you into a birdbrain.

  • Witch’s Broom
Price: 500
Effect: +35 Movement Speed.
Text: Marisa’s household broom. Durable, very good for sweeping floors, and holding it can make you run faster! Another must-have travelling item.
Brooms does not stack with other movement increasing items.

Arcane shop[edit]

  • Nice Girl Card
Price: 70
Effect: You are a good girl (active): Target enemy girl gets -30% attack speed and movement speed. Lasts 5 seconds. Cast Range: 600.
Has 90 seconds re-buy timer. With multiple cards in inventory, only one card can be used every 90 seconds

  • Bad Girl Card
Price: 70
Effect: You are a bad girl (active): Your girl gets +30% movement speed for 5 seconds.
Has 60 seconds re-buy timer. With multiple cards in inventory, only one card can be used every 90 seconds

  • Lover Card
Price: 70
Effect: You are a loving girl (active): Instantly heals 150 + [ LvL × 15 ] HP of ally girl. Cast Range: 600.
Note: Has 60 seconds re-buy timer. With multiple cards in inventory, only one card can be used every 90 seconds

  • Sad Person Card
Price: 70
Effect: Drains 70 + [ LvL × 7 ] MP from enemy girl and does same amount to them as magic damage. Cast Range: 600.
Has 60 seconds re-buy timer. With multiple cards in inventory, only one card can be used every 90 seconds

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Tea
Price: 75
Effect: Recovers 150 MP in 25 seconds
Text: A cup of English tea that Sakuya normally serves for her ojou-sama. Rumour has it the tea has very special ingredients.

  • Hakurei Shrine Tea
Price: 75
Effect: Recovers 250 HP in 25 seconds of friendly target. Cast Range: 500.
Text: Give 100 yen on the donation box and Santa miko will give you a cup of Chinese tea.

  • Ticket to Gensokyo
Price: 65
Effect: Teleports to an allied structure, 4 seconds channelling time, Cooldown: 60s.
Text: Meepo, you can go to your friend’s house easily with this!

  • Yukkuri
Price: 50
Effect: Can be used to carry items.
Text: Yukkuri is not to be eaten, it is to be loved! Love them, and they can even be useful!

  • Kappa Monitor
Price: 150
Effect: Gives 1400 radius normal vision, lasts 180s.
Text: Even more modified detector, it’s cheap, huge, durable, top product!

  • Kappa Life Detector
Price: 250
Effect: Gives 1400 radius normal vision, 1000 radius true sight, lasts 180s.
Text: A modified life detector, it can detect life in a wide area!

  • Tengu Spy Camera
Price: 375
Effect: Gives 900 radius normal vision & true sight, lasts 180s.
Text: Professional spying equipment, nothing can escape under its lenses!
Can only be placed on trees

  • Baby Tengu
Price: 700
Effect: Gives 1000 radius true sight.
Text: Legends says that tengus with unnaturally sensitive senses can see things normal tengus can see. Bring a tengu now and you won’t be afraid of unknown backstabs anymore!
Drops on Death