Defence of The Shrines 2

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Defence of The Shrines 2
Defence of The Shrines 2





Real-Time Strategy Game Game


Single player, Online Multiplayer, 5 vs 5




DotA2 client + Dota2 Workshop DLC + subscription 东方幻想乡 in workshop. 3000MHZ CPU, 512MB GPU, 10GB HDD, Internet connection.

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Dongfang Huanxiangxiang ~ Defence of The Shrines 2 (东方幻想乡 ~ Defence of The Shrines 2, Pinyin: Dōngfāng Huànxiǎngxiāng, lit. "Fantastic Land of the East") is a Touhou Project fanmade workshop item for the original game DotA2 Defense of the Ancients 2. Its predecessor, Defence of The Shrines, was originally developed as a game for Warcraft III, but thanks to the workshop tools this version could have been made.

In order play, you must have the DotA2 client, the Workshop DLC installed and subscribed to the DotS2 Workshop. Currently, there are no servers offering service and players are expected to set up a peer-2-peer connection where one person hosts a lobby through Custom Games.Join the Discord to make a shout when making lobby game in dota2 for people join your lobby at

The game features the Hakurei and Moriya faction where each of the girls have decided who to fight for. The main purpose of the game is to utilize your Touhou hero in order to destroy the enemy shrine. These shrines are along the way guarded by structures such as Genjii's Sons for the Hakurei side and Onbashira Towers for the Moriya side. The battle takes place in Gensoukyo itself, where parts of the map resemble the fictional regions or key locations (examples: Youkai Mountain or the Forest of Magic).

Currently, the game is in alpha and offers 30 Touhou girls as playable. Alpha versions are known to be experimental and unstable releases and therefore discretion is requested when playing this game. Crashes and other unwanted effects might occur. Please watch warmly as developers do their best to prepare. THD2 VIDEO INTRO


Valve had generously given the game a dedicated server which making host based on your nearest location. You may want to search lobby in Lobby list under ARCADE instead of hitting the play button since there only few people who play the game. If u hit the play button, Steam will give u the best ping lobby which is mostly empty lobby. The MOST popular server is SEA, Stockholm and USEast. In Addition, on weekend and night time are mostly the time u want a search a lobby. The core mechanics, skills and items are based on the DotS WC3 version 0.967g with some changes. The game itself plays exactly like its predecessor DotS. A maximum of 10 players can actively play setting up a 5v5.

There are no game modes available, thus the mode will be All Pick, where each hero may be only selected once.



The main title Dongfang Huanxiangxiang (东方幻想乡) is written in Simplified Chinese. When converted into Japanese kanji or Traditional Chinese, it shows 東方幻想郷 (Touhou Gensokyo), which is the same title name as the Japanese title of Lotus Land Story. The English sub-title "Defence of The Shrines 2" makes a direct reference to the game it's based on: Defense of the Ancients 2. Notice that "Defence" is spelt the British English way instead of the American-English "Defense"; this is because both types of English are common in China. Also, "Shrines" refers to the Hakurei Shrine and Moriya Shrine.

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Below you will find wiki pages for the heroes and items. Keep in mind that these are under construction and might offer incomplete or inaccurate information.


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