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Defence of The Shrines 2/Items/Sad Person Card

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Sad Person Card
Bought From
Stock 2
Restock rate 120 seconds
Active You are a Sad Person
Charges 1
Disassemble? No
Alert Allies? No

Sad Person Card(70)

The Sad Person Card is an item purchasable in the Main Shop, under consumables. The Sad Person card is consumed upon use and takes up an inventory slot. The sad person card deals a small, static amount of damage and is quite an expensive way of dealing damage, but it is instant and has a decent range.

Additional Information

Using this card you can drain mana and deal damage.

This item stacks with itself in your inventory.


This card is more situational compared to the other cards, and thus usually picked up soley by early game ganking girls. It is also useful against certain Girls with small spirit pools to prevent them from using their abilities.


You are a Sad Person Blocked by Spell ImmunityBlocked by Hakurei Shrine Amulet
Ability Affects
Enemy Unit Enemies
Drains mana from the target and deals that much damage to them.
Cast Range: 600
Damage: 100
Cooldown in seconds 90 Mana Cost 0
  • Notes
    *Shares its cooldown with the other Cards

Cost Analysis

Self Gold Value

Statistical Efficiency

Balance Changelog


  • Added Sad Person card