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魔物 (まもの)
Coloured demons
Sprites of demons from Mystic Square stages 5 and 6.


Notable Members
Official Games

Demon (魔物 mamono, lit. "demonic thing" or "sorcerous thing") is a term commonly used to refer to malevolent supernatural beings in religious folklore and literature. In their typical pop culture depictions demons are strongly associated with magic, can be created or controlled, have the power to possess others, and may be fallen angels.

Demons in Touhou

Demons originate from Makai (the Demon World), and as such most of their appearances are in the PC-98 canon. Since Makai was created by Shinki, it can be presumed that all the residents were also created by her. While demons may exist in the Windows games, no beings have been clearly identified as such.

The Demon's Appearances


Mystic Square
Sprite of demons from stage 1 and 3

Since Mystic Square had Makai as the main theme of the game, demons were among the common general enemy that appeared throughout the game. In relation to the story, Shinki allowed a tourist agency in Makai to organise trips for the demons to the human world of Gensokyo, which caused problems in Gensokyo, along with having them running around the Hakurei Shrine.

They first appeared on stage 1 then again on stage 3, only having blonde hair and a blue dress. They later re-appeared on stages 5 and 6, but having different coloured dresses such as blue, green and red, along with having their arms streching out similar to that of Rumia. These later demon appear more stronger and shoot more complex danmaku. The Wheel Demon appeared to use the same red sprite as the stages 5 and 6 enemies.

On stage 4 and the Extra stage, there were humanoids with blond hair and a white dress that had wings; because of these wings and the fact they appeared in Makai, it can't be definite whether they are demons or fairies.

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