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Desunoya (ですのや☆) is a doujin circle that produces fan games of Touhou Project and other series, as well as original games.


Desunoya logo

ですのや☆ official website

Game Productions

Touhou Fan Games

Non-Touhou Games

  • PrincessDrawing!
  • Reverse☆Twinkle
  • 不思議な月の夜のとばり (Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon)
  • ひなのふわふわドリーム☆ (Hina's Fluffy Dream☆)
  • 一撃入魂!ぱんだボール

Free Games

  • 地球救うゲーム (A Game that Saves Earth)
  • サラたまががんばるゲーム (A Game that Sara-tama Does Hard Work)
  • 世界中の迷宮べぇ (Meikyu-bey in All Over the world)
  • シーダ様危機一髪 (Shida-sama's Close Call)
  • Flappy Tobari