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Devils (悪魔 akuma) are supernatural creatures often considered to be the same as or different from demons. This is all dependent on the culture or myths that these creatures are being based on. They appear in various religions as an evil entity against mankind and their deity. Devils are commonly portrayed with horns and wings.



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Devils in Touhou

Devils are a species of youkai. The vampire[1] is a sub-species of devil that originates from outside of Gensokyo. Devils like the vampire appear to be Western in descent rather than the Eastern creatures like the youkai of Japanese folklore. According to ZUN, Magicians can also be considered a kind of devil.[2] Devils also seem to be related to the world of Makai.[3]

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  1. Imperishable Night: Remilia Scarlet - キャラ設定.txt "Devils, including vampires, are hated with a passion by both humans and youkai, because their kind tend to be self-centered and selfish."
  2. ZUN's former blog Touhou Shofu 6 "悪魔は吸血鬼や魔法使いなどと同じ物で強大な種族ですが" (Devils are a large species that can include vampires and magicians among other similar things)
  3. Perfect Cherry Blossom: Sakuya's Extra Stage Scenario "Hell is not as scary as Makai. Oni, compared to the devil, are nothing at all."

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