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Divine Spirit

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神霊 (しんれい)
Divine Spirit
TD 1st Stage Midboss
The Stage 1 midboss of Ten Desires, as seen in the game
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A divine spirit (神霊 shinrei) is the spirit of a human who achieved godhood, either during their life or after their death. These are the spirits that live in Shinto shrines and are worshipped. Like gods, they are powered by faith, but have no relation to the Yaoyorozu no Kami. They can also be born from vulgar spirits.

Apparently, they are able to speak aloud, but in an extremely soft manner. Shrine maidens are able to communicate their words to others using certain techniques.



Greedy Spirits (欲霊 Yokurei)/Vulgar Spirits (俗霊 Zokurei) are low class living spirits (spirits that originate from a living human's strong emotions, able to roam independently from the person) born from desires, with a greater potential to become divine spirits. They were mistaken as regular divine spirits during the events in Ten Desires. Youmu Konpaku called them Yokurei while Mononobe no Futo and later Sanae Kochiya called them Zokurei.

Divine Spirit's Appearance

Sprite of divine spirits in Ten Desires

Divine spirits appear in Ten Desires as both part of scoring and as a general stage enemy. The divine spirits in this game are not truly divine spirits. Rather, they are the greedy spirits of little divine spirits. They are fleeting existences that come and go, born from prayers, of a spirit in the stages just before becoming a god.

In gameplay, divine spirits will drop onto the screen when the player defeats an enemy. There are four coloured spirits that each have their own value: blue adds +10 to the player's point item value (+100 while in a trance state), grey acts as a point item, green adds +1 to the player's bomb meter and purple adds +1 to the player's extend meter. These will appear depending on how you deal with a boss or enemy and they'll only last on the screen for 10 seconds. They also fill the trance gauge slightly.

As general enemies, despite their similarities on their sprites, they are not to be confused with the evil spirits in Subterranean Animism. Since Youmu Konpaku was only interested on getting rid of unwanted spirits, these spirits aren't residents of the Netherworld, thus proving that they're indeed divine spirits. For why there were divine spirits even going to the Netherworld on Stage 1 is unknown. On stage 6, they come in queues with a Sunflower Fairy in front, where if the fairy is defeated, then all spirits in that line are auto-defeated.

There was also one blue-coloured divine spirit that appeared as a midboss on stage 1. This appeared to summon red divine spirits appear around this spirit. However, this hasn't been confirmed. It's actually the first divine spirit to appear in the game as an enemy.

Sagacious Spirit

Not much is known about Sagacious Spirits (仙霊 Senrei) other than that they are difficult to distinguish from a regular divine spirit[1]. However, one can speculate based on the 仙 kanji that they are essentially hermits. The only character under this sub-species is Junko, who lives in a senkai[2].


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