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Doremy Sweet
do̞ɺ̠e̞miː sɯᵝiːto̞
Doremy Sweet
Ruler of Dreams
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Doremy Sweet (ドレミー・スイート Doremī Suīto) is a baku and Ruler of the Dream World.

General Information[edit]

Doremy first appeared as the Stage 3 Boss and then as the Extra stage midboss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. She later appears as a playable character in Antinomy of Common Flowers. She owns a dream journal which is said to record the dreams of everyone who has ever dreamt in their life.


Doremy usually has a calm disposition and isn't prone to anger or other moods. The only times she displayed a different emotion was amazement at the heroine when they entered the Dream World with their physical body or worry when she realized the gap youkai messed with the boundary between the real world and the Dream World [1]. She also has a penchant for educating people whenever they ask questions regarding the Dream World and the knowledge she possesses, resembling a psychoanalyst in the process. She's also shown to have a playful attitude, usually showing an unnerving smile even when talking about dire topics, but can talk in a serious manner when an incident like the Perfect Possession interferes not only with the Dream World but with other worlds like Gensokyo or the Outside World.


Doremy can eat and create dreams. Eating dreams is much like just taking dreams, or stopping them, and possibly includes removing said dreams from memory completely. She is also able to create or craft dreams, which can be done by either moving the character from one dream to another or simply just forming a new dream for the character. She can also enter dreams herself. As someone who manages the dream world, she has a wide knowledge of dreams and can observe anyone's dream inside the dream world. As such, she can also gain knowledge of a character through their dreams alone. She is regarded by Reisen as the most dangerous youkai in the dream world.

Doremy can freely go between multiple worlds including Gensokyo, the Moon and Lunar Capital, as well as the Outside World. She also can clone herself and keep track of experiences and knowledge from each clone. In Antinomy of Common Flowers, she also showed that she could possess certain characters without the use of the perfect possession incident.

Although Doremy introduces herself as the "Ruler of Dreams" to a lot of characters, ZUN has commented that while it sounds amazing, it doesn't really mean much since even if someone reaches the top in a dream, it's still just a dream.[2]


Doremy manages the Dream World, keeping a close eye on the dream selves to make sure they don't leave. She has once compared herself to a zookeeper. In Antinomy of Common Flowers, she possesses Reisen Udongein Inaba's dream version so she couldn't make a ruckus in the real world and take advantage to investigate the incident. She did the same with Sumireko Usami as she was in the Dream World that time, instead of Gensokyo.

It's important to note that her ability doesn't allow her to create new dream souls or at least recreate an existing one, and she can't destroy them either, as they need to be managed naturally within the rules of the dream world.

Background Information[edit]


Her full name is Doremy Sweet (ドレミー・スイート), which implies a western origin. "Doremy" is phonetically similar to "dreamy", as well as spanish/portuguese "dormir" meaning "to sleep", and together with her last name, which in itself is a real surname, is a reference to the English expression "sweet dreams". (The dot () in the middle of her name is used in foreign names to show where the next word begins, as Japanese doesn't normally use spaces.)

Her name is a reference to the Sanjou route on the Ikoma Cable Line, a group of funicular routes in Nara, Japan, operated by Kintetsu Railway. The route's two cable cars are named "Do-Re-Mi (ドレミ)", which is decorated like an organ, and "Sweet (スイート)", which is decorated like a cake. Coincidentally the same company also operates a second funicular route in Osaka, the Nishi-Shigi Cable Line, which serves Mount Shigi. Mount Shigi was the site of the major backstory events of both Toyosatomimi no Miko and Mononobe no Futo, and Byakuren Hijiri and the Myouren Temple (based on the real-life Chougo-sonshi Buddhist temple).


Doremy has dark blue eyes and hair and possesses a white tail with a black tuft of fur at the tip. Her outfit consists of a black and white dress, which is covered in black and white orbs of various sizes. She wears a red nightcap and white socks. In her left hand is a blue book with the letter D printed on the cover, and in her right is a blob of some pink material later confirmed to actually be a dream soul from Wild and Horned Hermit. Her damaged portrait after the battle reveals that she has long hair underneath the nightcap.

In Antinomy of Common Flowers, her nightcap is noticeably longer, reaching her legs. Instead of the black top of her dress, she instead wears a black capelet. The rim of her hat, capelet, and dress now has a white stitch-like pattern. Her book has an added bookmark shaped like her tail.



Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Doremy's sprite in LoLK

About half a year before the arrival of the protagonists, Doremy was directed by Sagume Kishin to recreate the Lunar Capital in the dream world. The purpose was to discretely redirect all people heading to the Lunar Capital, to the Capital within the dream world instead in order to hide the true Lunar Capital on the moon. However, Doremy viewed this as troublesome and had no intention to always follow through.

When the protagonists arrived about 6 months later, Doremy saw this as an opportunity as a little payback and thus, after giving a small warning, sent them to where they really wanted, the true Lunar Capital. Doremy later returns in the extra stage in an I told you so manner in regards to the warnings she had given to the protagonists.


Antinomy of Common Flowers

The "Perfect Possession" phenomenon is affecting the Dream World and some of its inhabitants are expelled into the real world because of it. Doremy decides to oversee the situation and split herself to keep an eye on different dream dwellers in the real world. She is a playable character with the Dream World version of Reisen, who posseses thanks to the Perfect Possesion.

Violet Detector

Doremy is observing Dream Sumireko Usami as she struggles in the Dream World against the dream dwellers that keep attacking her.


Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

Aya Shameimaru investigates ominous occurrences where people are reporting having common dreams after using Doremy's "Sweet Sleep Pillow". These dreams apparently were all about this same figure, Doremy, asking questions about the quality of the pillow in a sort of survey within their dreams. The pillow itself is said to have become very popular among humans as well as fairies. The pillows themselves have frills along the edges and are covered with Malayan (Asian) tapirs wearing hats similar to Doremy's.

Curiosities of Lotus Asia


Reimu Hakurei

While speaking to Reimu, Doremy spoke with direct recognition unlike her conversation with the rest of the protagonists during the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Sumireko Usami

In Antimony of Common Flowers, Doremy teams up with Sumireko. During the incident, Sumireko is faced with fighting both her dream-self and her occult doppelganger, who have also teamed up to take down the "real" Sumireko. Doremy expresses confusion over how there can possibly be three Sumirekos at the same time in Gensokyo, but ultimately helps Sumireko resolve her issue at the time. Because of Sumireko's condition, Doremy keeps an extra eye on her.








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Additional Information[edit]

  • The design of her outfit may be a reference to the body of the Malayan Tapir, which shares the name baku with the youkai in folklore. The Malayan tapir has a black upper body, white lower body and trunk, which might be represented in Doremy's dichromatic dress and long hat, respectively.
  • In Antimony of Common Flowers, Doremy has an alternate color palette that resembles Clownpiece's color scheme,one that resembles Sagume Kishin's and another that resembles Link from Zelda.


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