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Source Items count
Weak fairy 1
Maid fairy w/ omnidirectional shots 9
Maid fairy w/ winding shots 10
Midboss 20
Spirit 2
Sunflower fairy w/ green bullets 11
Spell card 1 24
Spell card 2 26

Road 1[edit]

Midstage enemies here are somewhat tougher than initial enemies in other games, making it harder to collect items above point of collection (since enemies can survive long enough to ram you when they appear from above). On Lunatic difficulty, red and blue fairies spawn 3 aimed bullets when they're killed. In the middle of this road there'll be several fairies with omnidirectional bullets. Be ready for them and take them down quickly. For early fragment collection:

  • Don't start shooting immediately after the first wave of fairies appears. Instead, wait for the first few to move upwards, then start killing as many as fast as possible, and collect the items for a bomb fragment.
  • For the next couple waves (2 fairy maids, 2 sunflower fairies), wait a bit, then kill three of the fairies. Collect.
  • Kill the second sunflower fairy and then the fairy maid that appears from the top. Collect.
  • If you are skilled/lucky enough, after the previous collection, you can squeeze out enough items from the weak fairies to collect your fourth bomb fragment.

Midboss (Cirno): Normal Attack[edit]

On lower difficulties, blue needle bullets aren't really dangerous and can be mostly ignored. The main challenge comes from diagonal oval bullets. Don't let them surround you. On Lunatic, the pattern forms clearly visible paths, dodge along them.

Ice Sign: Ultimate Blizzard (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]

This spell card is virtually the same as the normal attack. Once again, beware of oval bullets.

Road 2[edit]

The lower you stay, the harder it will be to dodge the green bullets shot by sunflower fairies. Killing those fairies fast is recommended for safety.

Boss (Wakasagihime): Normal Attack 1[edit]

Fins have a determined pattern that depends only on enemy position. Focus on dodging the small bullets.

Water Sign: Tail Fin Slap[edit]

An easy focus dodging type card. Look for places with few bullets and move there. Note that bullets have different speeds. It's not uncommon to run into slower bullets while dodging fast ones. This problem is most apparent on Lunatic, as bullets often overlap, and you often can't see a bullet emerging from another one until it's too late.

There's also another tactic for dodging this card, which involves guiding the bullets. All of them react to your movements, which is what makes it possible. However, as you can't pass above the boss, doing a full rotation is impossible. Because of that, extensive streaming makes the attack even more dangerous, but grants many grazing opportunities. Unless you're trying to do a score run, you're better off not trying it.

Boss: Normal Attack 2[edit]

Mostly the same as normal attack 1, but has more fins, and the fins are somewhat slower. Another difference is that you really shouldn't try to go up to collect items after you finish this attack.

Scale Sign: Scale Wave (Easy/Normal) / Scale Sign: Raging Waves of the Reversed Scale (Hard) / Scale Sign: Great Raging Waves of the Reversed Scale (Lunatic)[edit]

Focused dodging card. Watch out for bullets falling at an angle.

If you skip the dialog after this card, there is a chance of losing the fragment that will spawn from the dropped items. This bug is still present in 1.00b. Wait for items to actually be collected before skipping.

 Double Dealing Character strategy   Stage 2 >