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This is the stage for A-type characters (the ones with weapons,, Reimu A, Marisa A and Sakuya A). The midboss is the younger sister Yatsuhashi, while the last boss is the elder Benben. Benben requires a lot of skill to clear her spell cards as well as her normal attacks. This stage is considered by many to be harder than 4B.


Source Items count
1-way laser orb 4
Sunflower fairy w/ barrages 15
Multi-way laser orb 10
Weak fairy 1
Orb w/ big bullets 10
Midboss 1 25
Midboss 2 38
Orb w/ aimed big bullets 3
Spell card 1 43
Spell card 2 42
Spell card 3 41

Road 1[edit]

During the 4 waves of the fairies' rush, you can hide from their attacks at the top of the screen. This is a good option if you don't feel like earning items and want to save the lives and bombs you currently have. Keep in mind, you'll still need to dodge the orb shots up there.

It is possible to create a safe zone if you play on Normal.

Wait for the stage title to appear, notice the phrase 幻想郷上空. You want to be approximately one hitbox up from the character. Once there, wait for the fairies' crowd to intersect in the middle and shoot. If you do it right, that place will not only serve as a safe zone, but you'll also receive point items and fragments. With that said, you'll need a lot of firepower to take down those fairies fast, so do not attempt this if you're not at full power. Because you'll need maximum firepower, Reimu and Sakuya should use their high-speed shots, Marisa should use focused shots. On Easy difficulty, orbs will use aimed shots against you, so you will have to dodge them (once).

For the orbs shooting lasers at you, notice that lasers can hit you when you're standing on Normal and Hard, but not on Easy and Lunatic. In fact, on Easy you can just stand perfectly still and the lasers won't hit you. On Lunatic, it means you'll have to dodge the bullets with very tiny movements, or you'll run into a laser.

Midboss (Yatsuhashi Tsukumo): Normal Attack 1[edit]

This is a fairly easy random omnidirectional barrage.

Midboss: Normal Attack 2[edit]

Non-random omnidirectional barrage. You'll need to develop a feel for the hitbox of rest marks - they're a bit wider than they look but not as long. It is somewhat easier than Benben's (4B) counterpart, but it's still a hard attack, especially on higher difficulties. Bombing advised.

Road 2[edit]

The part of the stage where the orbs move up from the bottom is a good opportunity to earn fragments. Moving in an U-shape will allow you to take down enough enemies and absorb their items. On Lunatic, you need to be very swift with cutbacks. Even a slight failure can completely block your escape.

Boss (Benben Tsukumo): Normal Attack 1[edit]

Lasers form a music score which spawns bullets that fall down. Bullets are loosely aimed at you. Staying near the edge of the screen can help you with dodging somewhat, but it's a test of skill anyway.

Heikyoku: Sounds of Jetavana's Bell[edit]

Use vertical movement to position yourself in a safe place, then find a time for a wide horizontal maneuver towards your next shelter. It's a very hard spell card, either use Spell Practice to nail it down, or bomb through it.

Boss: Normal Attack 2[edit]

Mostly the same as Normal Attack 1, but more merciless.

Vengeful Spirit: Hoichi the Earless (Easy/Normal) / Vengeful Spirit: Great Vengeful Spirit of Taira (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]

Once the spell card starts, several blue spirits appear. After some time, vanishing odd-way notes are fired. Once the notes vanish, the spirits next to you will become red and will fly either towards you or away from you. After some time, spirits become blue again and slowly return to their original position.

The spirits are immune to bombs, and you cannot kill them by ramming into them while your bomb invulnerability is active. However, it is possible to erase the notes with a bomb. If you do that, the spirits won't turn red.

This card shouldn't cause you too much trouble - dodge and cutback the attacks. This is also the infamous spot where the game would crash if you defeated this card on Lunatic difficulty. This has been fixed in 1.00b patch.

Boss: Normal Attack 3[edit]

Red notes are fast, and blue notes linger on screen for a long time. There's not much point in trying to hide from the bullets - just try beating this one fast.

Music Sign: Wicked Musical Score (Easy/Normal) / Music Sign: Malicious Musical Score (Hard) / Music Sign: Double Score (Lunatic)[edit]

Curved lasers appear, based on your and enemies' positions. They are followed by barrages of bullets. After some time, the notes from the barrage drop down. The boss adjusts her position so that lasers spawn at the same distance from her. Don't run into lasers in panic.

On Lunatic, the card becomes much harder, as a second wall of lasers is added, and the bullet density becomes insane. You need to develop a way to quickly move to locations without lasers to free up space for barrage dodging.

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