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Source Items count
Spirit w/ aimed blue shots 3
Orb w/ falling bullets 3
Spirit w/ small yellow bullets 2
Fairy w/ purple shots 6
Midboss 38 + big power item
Red fairy 2
Spell card 1 42
Spell card 2 44
Spell card 3 43
Spell card 4 43

Road 1

Falling yin-yang orbs are aiming at you. Focus on taking down fairies with elliptic bullets. They are extremely dangerous. On higher difficulties, you most likely won't be able to afford keeping many of them alive at a time. These elliptic bullets are aimed, so if you keep using the same strategy across multiple walkthroughs, you'll get used to the pattern eventually.

Midboss (Kijin Seija): Normal Attack 1

One thing particular to Seija's attacks is her color-shifting bullets that resemble bullets from Imperishable Night. Their hitboxes aren't as big as the bullets look, and you can often crawl your way even from a seemingly hopeless block. Note that bullets stay at the bottom, so fly up a bit to avoid them.

Deceit Sign: Reverse Needle Attack

Bullets that come from below. Don't panic, calmly look for openings and seize them. Be prepared for high-speed dashes, they're sometimes necessary here. On Hard and Lunatic, the density is so high, openings might not reveal themselves for a long time. You can try to buy yourself sometime by flying up, just don't run into the boss.

Road 2

The first enemies appear immediately after the boss, so watch out. Your goal is the same as in Road 1 - taking down fairies fast.

Boss (Seija Kijin): Normal Attack 1

The bullets remain at the bottom again, which is a problem. Another problem is that you'll have to fly up several times, which is dangerous. Dodge red bullets by descending with them while dodging, then move back up through slower blue bullets. Don't go too low, or you'll hit the bullets at the bottom.

Reverse Sign: Danmaku Through the Looking-Glass (Easy/Normal) / Reverse Sign: Evil in the Mirror (Hard/Lunatic)

The horizontal controls are reversed for this spell card. The bullet density isn't too high, but you'll have to keep reminding yourself about the inverted controls while you dodge. Were it a normal spell card, you would try to stay in one place for the most time and move as little as possible when the bullets were near you. However, if you remain stationary for a long time, you will forget about the inversion gimmick. Because of that, you should keep doing small horizontal movements all the time to keep reminding yourself about the controls. With Marisa B, it is sometimes possible to nuke the boss before the bullets even get to you. Or you can find yourself a mirror, and look into it as you're playing through this spell card.

The enemy marker doesn't move during this card. Do not rely on it. This and following cards can quickly make you dizzy. As always, if you feel sick, stop playing immediately.

At higher difficulties, diagonal bullets are added, meaning that you can't rely on horizontal movements alone. Their density is low, so use vertical movement (which still works as usual) to move to a better location.

Be very careful if you're considering going above point of collection after the spell card. Don't run into the boss.

Boss: Normal Attack 2

This attack isn't too different from normal attack 1 and should be tackled in the same manner. Because the bullets have a small hitbox, it is also possible to cut through the waves.

Reverse Sign: This Side Down (Easy/Normal) / Reverse Sign: Overturning All Under Heaven (Hard/Lunatic)

This time, the vertical controls are inverted. Of course, it's not really the controls, it's the screen that gets inverted, which also means that the screen bottom is now at the top (and vice versa). To avoid confusion, we will not use the terms "bottom" and "up" to describe this card. Instead, we will use "player side" and "boss side". You might be tempted to go to the boss side to stay on the familiar side of the screen, but you're still dealing with inverted controls, which will make the dodging excessively hard. Just stay on the player side and dodge there.

On Hard and Lunatic, some bullets also spawn from the border of player's side, which means you should keep some distance from it and alternate between dodging both types of bullets. This isn't as hard as it sounds, as the paths of bullets from the boss side are easily readable, and you can plan your strategy for them ahead as you dodge the player side bullets. Trying to stay in front of the boss will mean you'll have to use the inverted vertical controls, so don't do that and instead use horizontal controls to dodge everything.

Boss: Normal Attack 3

The bullets change their color and speed halfway. There are two ways to dodge them: either stay at the bottom and dodge slow yet dense waves, or go up and dodge the fast but few bullets.

Reverse Bow: Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth (Easy/Normal) / Reverse Bow: Decree of the Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth (Hard/Lunatic)

No control tricks this time. You're dealing with accelerating arrows that move up from the bottom. They accelerate in steps, and after the final step the bullet erases itself. The stages are red - violet - blue - light blue - green - yellow. At first, there aren't too many bullets in front of the boss, but then density gets unpredictable. This may give you a false hope that you'll be able to stay in front of the boss. You won't, forget about it and look for gaps. Note that you may instinctively dodge up to give you some advantage over arrows, but the higher you go, the deadlier next waves will be. Try to descend back as soon as you have the chance. The bullets also detect if you're trying to hide near a screen border. When they do, their acceleration rate increases dramatically. Don't go near the borders.

The arrows are resistant to bombs, so you can't buy yourself safety with bombs during this card. Sakuya B has it the worst. You will stop time with a bomb, but the arrows won't go away. While the time is frozen for them, the boss will spawn new arrows. When the first arrows unfreeze, you'll be dealing with double the density. For Marisa B, the problem is in the pause between the bombs. Also, the bomb isn't granting you much of an invulnerability. If you have one bomb at the beginning of this card, it's probably best if you waste it right away and gain a few seconds of free damage. Then you'll be killed, but by that time the previous bomb should wear off, allowing you to drop the next one as soon as you revive. Mind these issues if you plan to bomb through this card. Good timing is essential.

This spell card awards a fragment as long as you don't time it out (dying and bombing are allowed).

Turnabout: Reverse Hierarchy (Easy/Normal) / Turnabout: Change Air Brave (Hard/Lunatic)

As you could probably guess by this point, this time both horizontal and vertical controls are reversed. Every once in a while the screen will turn 180 degrees, inverting the current control scheme. The first wave of bullets will rotate clockwise, but after that the direction is random. If you're caught moving during the screen reversal, make sure you'll still go where you want after the reversal. (That means do not let go of the buttons you were pressing when the screen started rotating.) The worst part about this card is that you can't use one control scheme for the entire card as it keeps changing halfway. The best way to do this card would be to attack the boss while the familiar control scheme is active and focus on dodging while it is reversed.

For Lunatic, start near the border of the spell circle and micrododge the winder. You will have a chance to see which way to dodge next before the reversal. Then, after the screen rotates, move to the player side's border while you adjust yourself to the change, then dodge the aimed bullets. This should give you a few extra seconds of damage.

As a final note about these control-shifting spell cards, there are people for whom the control changes will be unbearable no matter what they do. They should consider thoroughly bombing each and every one of these cards through.

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