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Double Dealing Character/Gameplay/Strategy/Stage 6

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Source Items count
Spirit w/ aimed bullets 4
Spirit w/ big bullets 4
Orb w/ omnidirectional shots 8
Orb w/ rotating pattern 13
Midboss 1 50
Midboss 2 80
Spell card 1 53 + big power item
Spell card 2 55
Spell card 3 54
Spell card 4 49
Spell card 5 46 + big power item
Spell card 6 40


At first you'll be fighting against a rush of ying-yang orbs. Focus and dodge. If you deem it impossible, bomb. Next you'll be against waves of orbs: 2, 2, 4 and 6 orbs respectively. They'll shoot blue needles at you with a rotating pattern. For waves of 2, choose one of the orbs, move close to it and take it down before it has a chance to shoot. Then dodge the bullets from the other one while you shoot at it. For the wave of 4, if you play as Reimu A, you'll be able to take out 2 orbs at once before they start shooting. Then you can dodge while you take care of the rest. Other character types should bomb. The wave of 6 is extremely hard, bomb through it. After that, you'll be fighting against spirits. Reimu can easily gain some fragments during this part. It's a lot harder for other types. Still, be careful not to run into anything near the top of the screen.

Midboss (Kijin Seija): Normal Attack 1

After the small bullets intersect, they slow down near the bottom of the screen. Wait for them to slow down and cut through. Mind the next waves as you fly up.

Midboss: Normal Attack 2

Intersecting small bullets. This is a regular focus dodging attack. The bullets are fast, so don't lose any bombs to sudden deaths. In fact, the bullets are so fast, that the slight delay between midboss death and bullets death becomes important. That is, it is possible to die from the bullets even after you kill the boss. The hardest wave is the first one, as the angle is very incovenient. It gets easier after that. This is an absolutely awesome moment to use Marisa B bomb if you have it. It is possible to get a whole life through bonuses with it.

Boss (Sukuna Shinmyoumaru): Normal Attack 1

Volleys of small bullets. Another focused dodging attack. On higher difficulties, the bullet speed is very high. Try starting higher and move down constantly to reduce the relative velocity.

Small Bullet: Inchling's Path (Easy/Normal) / Small Bullet:Inchling's Thorny Path (Hard/Lunatic)

Rings of small bullets. One bullet in a ring is a different color. This bullet is aimed at you. If you go for the opening right away, you'll crash into that aimed bullet. You need to position yourself right before the bullet flies off to get it out of your way. (That is, wild horizontal movements can help you scatter those bullets.)

Boss: Normal Attack 2

This is a tricky attack, because Shinmyoumaru will be riding a bowl. The bowl is destructible, and it should be destroyed, as the boss will shoot a very intense barrage of light bullets while it is intact. After you destroy the bowl, there'll a be a single ring of medium-sized bullets. After that, the attack consists of small bullets that fly up at first and then fly at you in a curved line.

Because of that curving, if you stay in the top left or top right corner after you destroy the bowl, you won't get hit - the bullets simply won't be able to reverse their direction that quickly. For instance, you can go to the lower right corner after you destroy the bowl, wait for the first bullets to start flying at you, then quickly move to the upper left corner. Or you can clear the first bullets with a bomb. Bullet sources provide a great grazing opportunity, if you even care about it this late into the game.

Shinmyoumaru and her bowl have separate hitboxes and it is possible to hit both of them at once with piercing attacks. Effective piercing attacks are: Sakuya A's exploding daggers, Reimu A's bomb (the rod) and Marisa A's Dark Spark. If you have a type B character, there's not much you can do. For Reimu A, try positioning your rod directly on top of the boss for maximum damage.

Mallet: Grow Bigger! (Easy/Normal) / Mallet: Grow Even Bigger! (Hard/Lunatic)

As you can guess from this name, you'll be attacked by rapidly increasing bullets. Cut through the bullets and make sure to account for hitbox enlargment. Heart-shaped bullets are aimed. You're supposed to stream the hearts and cut through regular bullets.

On Lunatic, however, streaming the hearts is almost impossible. Cut through the first non-aimed bullet wave fast, then descend - you should be able to outrun the slow hearts. Hearts can easily cover medium bullets, so watch out for that.

Boss: Normal Attack 3

Heavy movement from the boss and omnidirectional knife streams. The density isn't very high, but the movement of bullet sources creates all sorts of difficult situations. It also makes frontal assault on the boss very hard. Character types with homing shots have a big advantage here.

Bewitched Sword: Shining Needle Sword

Elliptic knife rings + aimed big knives. The direction of the ellipses changes clockwise. The nature of this card makes the bottom of the screen very dangerous and very safe alternately. When the bottom is dangerous due to high bullet density, move from right to left (along the pattern rotation) and micrododge the knives. Then cut back through the stream and return right.

Boss: Normal Attack 4

Lasers that bounce off the walls. The pattern density isn't too high by itself, but because the lasers stay on screen for a long time, it complicates things greatly. Stay away from the sides, focus and dodge.

Mallet: You Grow Bigger!

This is an endurance card (you can't kill the boss, you need to hold off for 45 seconds). During this card, you and your hitbox get bigger. This often causes quick unexpected deaths. Reimu's unique trait really shines here, while the other characters have it a lot harder. For Reimu, the hitbox starts at the red border around the circle. But for other characters it's even bigger. That means the hitbox is even bigger than the visible circle and you can die even if the bullets don't visibly touch your character!

Your main challenge will be the aimed streams of big knives. You have to micrododge them perfectly. If you fail at it several times, you won't be able to escape. Once the second half of the card starts, blue daggers will be added to the pattern. They aren't too hard to dodge, but they try to pin you to the sides, and you can't escape from there. You need to mind the direction in which the daggers move. If they move to the left, start in the gap on the left side, then as you dodge the big knives, leave it. When the rotation direction changes, start from the opposite side. Once you dodge the big knives, try leaving the side, but watch out for daggers. It's important that you never try to slip between the daggers, as the gap is too small for it. Use spell practice to nail the pattern down. This is by all means a very difficult spell card, but it is imperative you know how to dodge it in order to succesfully clear the game.

For Sakuya A, drop the barrier bomb immediately as you feel cornered. Note that you can't slow down the knives. With Marisa B, you can use a bomb and then hide behind the circle you've created.

Attack on Dwarf (Easy/Normal) / Wall of Issun (Hard/Lunatic)

This attack consist of bomb-resistant rings of small bullets, each has 4 bigger bullets embedded into it. Those bigger bullets have 2 modes. In the blue mode, they fly straight. If you go near them, they turn red and stop, then chase you. They'll continue following you as long as they're in the red mode. If you fly away from them, they'll turn blue again and stop. After that, they'll fly straight in your direction. As time goes on, the rings are spawned faster.

You need to get through rings by cutting near a big bullet. Then you're going to have to dance with that bullet. Once you have about 3 or 4 following you, quickly fly away from them and pray they'll leave the screen peacefully. These bullets don't despawn immediately when they leave the screen, so keep that in mind when you move close to the screen edges - a persistent bullet could fly right out of it. Once you get the hang of bullet modes and shifts, you'll be able to develop a fixed pattern on your own that will allow you to dispose of bullets efficiently.

The bomb immunity also extends to ramming the bullets while under invulnerability. This theoretically allows you to do ridiculous grazes if you go to the boss while invulnerable. Of course, it's not like this grazing can improve your score by much this late in the game. An unlucky bomb by Sakuya B can cause two rings to overlap, creating an absolutely hopeless situation. Keep that in mind.

Your success in this bomb is almost purely determined by your skill (in all difficulties), once you get used to it, it'll be easy for you.

Hop-o'-My-Thumb Seven (Easy/Normal) / The Seven Issun-Boushi (Hard/Lunatic)

As this is the final spell card, it becomes progressively harder as you deal damage to the boss.

Stage 1: omnidirectional seven-colored daggers.

Stage 2: 2 clones appear that shoot omnidirectional green medium-sized bullets randomly.

Stage 3: 2 more clones appear that shoot aimed red medium-sized bullets.

Stage 4: 2 final clones appear that shoot non-random omnidirectional blue medium-sized bullets.

At 30 seconds before the timeout, stage 4 begins regardless of the remaining health.

At first, you might think this card is easy because there's not much randomness involved, but the bullets are so bright they obscure each other, the clones aren't synchronized at all, and the continuous firing sound makes it hard to guess what happens when. In the end, it is as good as having a random pattern. You'll want to use Spell Practice to get a hang of how aimed bullets work in this card. Because of the random green bullets, you'll have to improvise along the way anyway, but if you remember the frequency of aimed bullets you'll be able to recognize their firing sounds among the noise and dodge them without even looking for them. This makes the rest of dodging substantially easier. It's best if you keep dodging either vertically or horizontally. Choose the one type you like best and stick with it.

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