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Long ago, an inchling known as Issun-Boushi exterminated an oni and obtained the oni's treasure, the "Miracle Mallet". This tool was said to be able to grant any wish. Since it was an oni’s tool, Issun-Boushi knew not to use it recklessly. However, this mindset faded away after several generations. His descendants attempted to use the mallet’s power to grant them a luxurious castle and rule over the people. When the mallet ran out of power, the castle sank into the earth, taking the entire inchling race with it. The inchlings realized their mistake and had the mallet sealed away once more. Eventually, the story of the Miracle Mallet was lost in time.

When an amanojaku named Seija Kijin desired to overturn Gensokyo’s order, she didn’t have the power to do that on her own. So, she set her sights on the Miracle Mallet. Since only inchlings could use the mallet, she decided to use an inchling princess, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, who was unaware of the existence of the Miracle Mallet. Seija convinces Shinmyoumaru to join her cause by telling her a false history about how the youkai of Gensokyo humiliated the inchlings long ago. Thus, the two of them swore revenge together.


Main Scenario

Reimu Hakurei

Marisa Kirisame

Sakuya Izayoi


Reimu A Good Ending (Ending #1)

Reimu returns to the shrine and has a chat with Marisa about the events that have transpired. Most importantly, her purification rod has settled down. Marisa says that it must have been her Mini-Hakkero that was putting her in a bad mood. Reimu also brought the size-reverted Shinmyoumaru herself back in a clear bug box - since she used up so much power, she'll need to wait a while to make herself big again. Marisa is appalled at Reimu's brazenness, but Shinmyoumaru thanks the shrine maiden for the protection.

Reimu B Good Ending (Ending #2)

Reimu returns to the shrine, and tries to use the Miracle Mallet by swinging it. Shinmyoumaru, now returned to her normal height and with her arms tied behind her back, explains that only inchlings are able to use it's power. They than have a brief talk about the mallet's power and it is said that this was the first time after so long that it was used for anything else other than getting bigger.

Marisa A Good Ending (Ending #3)

Marisa comes back to her house, declaring to herself that the era of humans fearing youkai has ended, and that humans are going to rule Gensokyo from that moment. Seija, happy about having such a powerful ally among humans, told her to use the corrupted Mini-Hakkero to her heart's content, saying that it will never run out of power because of the Miracle Mallet's influence. However, Seija doesn't know when the Mallet is eventually going to lose it's power, and that she would have to pay a huge compensation for it.

Marisa B Good Ending (Ending #4)

Marisa goes to the Hakurei Shrine and talks with Reimu about tsukumogami, and asks her if she used the Purification rod, but Reimu says she didn't. Marisa then says that she knows how to revert back those tsukumogami, and brings in both Shinmyoumaru and the Miracle Mallet, explaining they were the culprits behind the incident. At the end, is explained that despite the Miracle Mallet's name, it is actually a cursed oni tool, and that if let alone, there would really be a social upheaval like Shinmyoumaru said.

Sakuya A Good Ending (Ending #5)

Sakuya goes back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She realized the bewitched sword was actually the inchling's doing and feels uncomfortable at using it, but she didn't want to return it and brought it back with her, despite knowing it was a cursed tool. After Remilia notices her strange behavior and asks what's happening, Sakuya explains that the weapon looked like it was searching for blood, so she wanted to cut something with it. When the vampire asks about the youkai rioting at the lake, Sakuya simply says that she exterminated them all, and asks the mistress if she wanted to test out the cutting edge of that weapon.

Sakuya B Good Ending (Ending #6)

Sakuya goes to the Hakurei Shrine and explain Reimu and Marisa about tools becoming tsukumogami and the planned social upheaval. She then says to them to pay attention since the enemy was using the Miracle Mallet, a tool with ominous magic. Marisa explains her that it is an oni tool, and Sakuya responds that it is an additional reason to pay attention, because she doesn't want them or their tools to be affected by the cursed power and joining the resistance (ignoring they were already affected). This is because after hearing of a resistance, Reimu and Marisa were the first persons she tought about: if they were to betray her, her position would be in danger. Is then said that Gensokyo's peace is guaranteed by the rule of the strong. But while weaklings are oppressed, humans are not included in this and things could change depending on which side they stand.

Extra Stage

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