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Long ago, an inchling known as Issun-Boushi exterminated an oni and obtained the oni's treasure, the "Miracle Mallet". This tool was said to be able to grant any wish. Since it was an oni’s tool, Issun-Boushi knew not to use it recklessly. However, this mindset faded away after several generations. His descendants attempted to use the mallet’s power to grant them a luxurious castle and rule over the people. When the mallet ran out of power, the castle sank into the earth, taking the entire inchling race with it. The inchlings realized their mistake and had the mallet sealed away once more. Eventually, the story of the Miracle Mallet was lost in time.

When an amanojaku named Seija Kijin desired to overturn Gensokyo’s order, she didn’t have the power to do that on her own. So, she set her sights on the Miracle Mallet. Since only inchlings could use the mallet, she decided to use an inchling princess, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, who was unaware of the existence of the Miracle Mallet. Seija convinces Shinmyoumaru to join her cause by telling her a false history about how the youkai of Gensokyo humiliated the inchlings long ago. Thus, the two of them swore revenge together.


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