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Level 1 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 1 - 1

Screenshot No. 1 - 1:
Owner: Minoriko Aki
Level 1 — 1
Aya's Comment: その辺を彷徨 (うろつ) いていた豊穣の神様相手に
Aya's Comment Translation: I did a little photography practice with the harvest goddess who was wandering nearby.
Maybe I'll do this again if I start getting rusty...
Hatate's Comment: 簡単、簡単
Hatate's Comment Translation: Way easy.
Photos like these are just for practice, so I'll throw 'em away later.

Spell Card 1 - 2

Screenshot No. 1 - 2:
Owner: Minoriko Aki
Level 1 — 2
Aya's Comment: 練習相手にしていたら噛みつかれました
Aya's Comment Translation: My practice partner snapped.
Even though I should have been the one getting angry!
It bothers me how easily gods lose their tempers these days...
Hatate's Comment: 今年は豊作ねー
Hatate's Comment Translation: Sure was a good harvest this year!
There's so much rice left over she can just throw a bunch at me.
It'll totally attract animals from the mountain, too.

Spell Card 1 - 3

Screenshot No. 1 - 3: 秋符「フォーリンブラスト」
Autumn Sign "Falling Blast"
Owner: Shizuha Aki
Level 1 — 3
Aya's Comment: 木を揺らすと落ち葉が舞います
Aya's Comment Translation: Shake the tree and the leaves come dancing down.
Watching the goddess of falling leaves hitting the trees so violently...
She's going to strip them bare.
Hatate's Comment: 木に重い一撃与えて木の葉隠れだってさ
つまり鬱憤 (うっぷん) 晴らしね
Hatate's Comment Translation: She's hitting the trees really hard and then hiding in the leaves.
That's... that thing, right? That thing where people hit trees while wearing padded clothing.
To blow off steam and stuff.

Spell Card 1 - 4

Screenshot No. 1 - 4: 実符「ウォームカラーハーヴェスト」
Fruit Sign "Warm Colour Harvest"
Owner: Minoriko Aki
Level 1 — 4
Aya's Comment: 今年も過激な収穫祭の季節ね
やっぱりアレかな? 人間なのかな?
Aya's Comment Translation: This year's harvest festival is quite something, isn't it?
I wonder what they're harvesting and what they're celebrating?
I wonder if it's... that? You know, humans?
Hatate's Comment: 野蛮な祭って良いよね。やっぱさー、祭は野蛮に限るじゃん?
Hatate's Comment Translation: I think wild festivals are awesome. I mean, there's nothing like a wild festival, right?
Like those saury fish from Meguro Acala.
After all, I can't write anything about boring festivals, y'know.

Spell Card 1 - 5

Screenshot No. 1 - 5: 枯道「ロストウィンドロウ」
Wilted Path "Lost Windrow"
Owner: Shizuha Aki
Level 1 — 5
Aya's Comment: 木枯らしが冷たいです。その木枯らしが落ち葉を巻き上げて
Aya's Comment Translation: The winter wind is cold. I took pictures of the leaves that the wind blew
up into the air, but I don't really think they'll make good material.
Well, I guess I was causing some wind, too.
Hatate's Comment: これはまた派手に落ち葉が舞ってるわー
Hatate's Comment Translation: These are those really flashy leaves again.
Seeing cherry blossoms dance is pretty, but falling leaves are
kinda sad. Autumn can be really depressing.

Spell Card 1 - 6

Screenshot No. 1 - 6: 焼芋「スイートポテトルーム」
Baked Sweet Potato "Sweet Potato Room"
Owner: Minoriko Aki
Level 1 — 6
Aya's Comment: あ、神様も兼ねている焼き芋屋さんだ
野国総管 (のぐにそうかん) は偉大よねぇ
Aya's Comment Translation: Oh, the goddess also runs a sweet potato stand.
Autumn is all about the sweet potatoes, isn't it?
Soukan Noguni certainly was great! [1]
Hatate's Comment: あまーい
Hatate's Comment Translation: So sweeeet!
This sweet smell is totally unfair. It makes me want to slack off.
I'm gonna take some sweet potatoes home today.


  1. Noguni Soukan was a trader who brought sweet potato sprouts from China to Okinawa in 1605, preventing a famine.
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