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Dragon (God)

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Dragon (God)


Appear to move freely through strong barriers, even the Hakurei Border


Unknown, was last seen during the creation of the Hakurei Border

Print Works

"The supreme god of Gensokyo. Humans, youkai, and all other living things worship this god. It is believed to live in the ocean, or the sky, or in the rain, but few have been able to confirm this. It looks like a serpent with hands and horns, is far thicker than a great tree thousands of years old, and is said to be long enough to block out the sky. The Dragon's cry rends the heavens and calls on thunderstorms. When it simply bends, it causes earthquakes and makes mountains crumble. Who knows what would happen to Gensokyo if something were to invoke its wrath?"
Hieda no Akyuu (Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Dragon)

The Dragon ( Ryū), also called Dragon God (龍神 Ryūjin) is, according to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Curiosities of Lotus Asia, and Touhou Sangetsusei, the highest god of Gensokyo. All living things, whether human or youkai, worship the dragon god. The dragon lives in sea or sky or rain, and regardless of the Great Hakurei Border, the Dragon can move freely through heaven, hell, netherworld, and the outside world. Its voice divides the sky and causes thunderstorms. When it winds its body it causes mountains to crumble and earthquakes to occur. Despite being destructive, it is at the same time Gensokyo's god of creation[1], and the rain, the rivers, abundant greens are all due to the dragon's help.

The source of this is not just from Rinnosuke Morichika, but also from several other sources like Hieda no Akyuu, Reimu Hakurei, the Three Fairies of Light etc. The dragon god commands wide respect in Gensokyo.


Name and origin

Although sometimes simply called "the Dragon", this being has also been called Ryuujin (龍神 Dragon God). In japanese mythology, Ryuujin is considered the tutelary deity of the sea, and is often considered the same being as Ōwatatsumi no kami (大綿津見神 Great Deity of the Sea). Ryuujin is also the father of the goddesses Toyotama-hime and Tamayori-hime, who are themselves the mythological basis for Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime, as well as the master of the legendary Dragon Palace, which in the Touhou series is actually the Lunar Capital.


According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the Dragon God looks like a serpent with hands and horns, is thicker than a great tree that's thousands of years old, and it's so long that it can block out the sky.


In nature, there are the three attributes of the three lights, four seasons, and five phases. Within this, the dragon god comes from the five phases (commonly called Wu Xing). Before the dragon god created the five phases, the loop of sky to rain to sea repeated over and over, and it was a perfectly harmonious world. Into this, the dragon god bestowed the shape of the seven colors of the rainbows, and the flow of the three, sky to rain, rain to sea, and sea to sky became wood engendering fire, fire engendering earth, earth engendering metal, metal engendering water, water engendering wood, wood conquering earth, earth conquering water, water conquering fire, fire conquering metal, metal conquering wood, thus creating complication and ten powers of destruction.[2] It is according to this that all things in existence are created.

Since the Dragon God has such an astonishing scale of power as to create and destroy Gensokyo, it is no mistake to say that the dragon god has the top class of power. However, since the dragon god has never clearly appeared in any work so far other than being mentioned, judgments on its power should be put on hold.



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The Dragon was said to have last been seen during the Creation of the Hakurei Border. At that time, the youkai sages staked their existence on pledging eternal peace to the dragon.

Additional Information

A depiction of the statue from Forbidden Scrollery

The Dragon God's Statue

The Dragon God's Statue (龍神の石像 Ryūjin no sekizō) is an artifact made by kappa that is kept in the Human Village. The eyes of the Dragon's statue are said to accurately predict the weather about 70% of the time, depending on their color. In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the color scheme of the weathers seems to partially reflect this.

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