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(つき) (みやこ)
Lunar Capital
t͡sɯᵝki no̞ mija̠ko̞
Capital of the Moon, Lunatic Kingdom
PMiSS lunarcapital.jpg
The Lunar Capital as depicted in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

The far side of the Moon

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The Lunar Capital (月の都 Tsuki no Miyako), or Lunatic Kingdom (ルナティックキングダム Runatikku Kingudamu), is a thriving, ancient metropolis and currently the only known one on the Moon, located on the far side of it.[1] With its civilisation mostly having lunarians and moon rabbits, its technology and weaponry is known to be far more advanced than that of the Outside World. The founder and lord of the capital is Lord Tsukuyomi. The Lunar Capital is also the legendary Dragon Palace (竜宮 Ryūgū),[2] also called the Dragon King's Palace (竜宮城 Ryūgū-jō), that Mizue no Uranoshimako managed to reach,[3] but it doesn't seem to be common knowledge since characters such as Rinnosuke Morichika still think of the Dragon Palace as a completely different place on the bottom of the sea.[4]

General Information[edit]

The Moon Palace Gate in Silent Sinner in Blue

The capital is protected by a barrier that hides its existence.[3] This barrier blocks outside access, but can be bypassed through the seas of the Moon. The Lunar Capital's relationship to the Moon is like Gensokyo's to the Earth, also known as the Outside World[5], presumably because of this barrier. Like Gensokyo, it thus could effectively be considered another world. The capital is shown to have skyscrapers[1] and traditional Japanese buildings.[5]

The majority of Gensokyo's inhabitants are well aware of the existence of the Lunar Capital. It's even recorded that the two used to have relations, although they ended long ago at an unknown point in time[6] Some records from the Genso-Lunar War are still intact which even go so far as to detail the weapons the lunarians had back then,[1] and Lunar exhibitions from Eientei have kept the humans and youkai of Gensokyo updated a little on the Lunar Capital in the present day.

The majority of the Outside World, however, seem to be much less aware of it. As shown by the story of Mizue no Uranoshimako, who was made to believe that he found the legendary Dragon Palace on the bottom of the sea,[3] the Lunarians are actively attempting to keep the existence of the Lunar Capital a secret to prevent the beings of the Earth from searching for it. There may, however, be some on Earth in the outside world in high places of authority who are aware of the Lunar Capital. The people from the Apollo missions were referred to as "assassins" in Silent Sinner in Blue, and there may have been ulterior motives to the cover up of the Earth's "defeat" in the Lunar War. However, for the public, any indication from the Earth's defeat in the Lunar War with the Apollo project that might have given clues to the Lunar Capital's existence were presumably covered up when only the successful landing on the Moon and not the "defeat" was reported to the public at large. For the second invasion (presumably the Chang'e program), allegedly either lunarians or moon rabbits made contact with the humans that landed on the Moon urging them to co-exist peacefully, but if so, it is likely this was concealed from the public too.[7] Even in the near future of Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami's time, the idea of a Lunar Capital is still just a legend,[8] although Maribel herself is able to see the Lunar Capital due to her ability to see through boundaries.

Although the Lunar Capital is protected by a barrier, things such as humans planting a flag on the Moon or colonizing it still presents a major problem for unspecified reasons. It is serious enough that humanity planting a flag and simply attempting to establish bases on the moon is referred to as the "Lunar War" and their failure to do so considered a "defeat". For both that past invasion and the one taking place in the present day, actual combat is being heavily considered due to humanity's attempts to establish bases on the Moon.[7] In the future, Maribel Hearn believes it's important she see the Lunar Capital before humanity manages to colonize the moon.[8] The lunarians consider the Earth to be a residence for the corrupted, and it's said that they use the Earth as a prison for those who commit serious crimes, a prime example being Kaguya Houraisan.


Moon Palace[edit]

The Moon Palace is the home of Watatsuki no Toyohime, Watatsuki no Yorihime and Reisen, having the Moon Capital Gate Guards guarding the entrance.

Lunar Capital's Appearances[edit]


Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

A completely frozen Lunar Capital is the location of the Stage 4 of this game. This is due to Junko trying to siege the capital by adding the "Life and Death" concept to it, something that wasn't present on the Moon, making it pure. This forced every resident of the Lunar Capital to flee to the Dream World and the Lunar Sages to take the decision to freeze it while Sagume's plan was being executed.


The capital in Silent Sinner in Blue
Touhou Bougetsushou

The Lunar Capital had an important role in the Touhou Bougetsushou series. After Reisen returned to the capital after meeting Eirin Yagokoro, she wasn't allowed into the Moon Palace by the Moon Capital Gate Guards, but Watatsuki no Toyohime jumps in and allows her access. Along with Watatsuki no Yorihime, they were both given a letter by the rabbit with shocking news that Earthlings, particularly Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Remilia Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi, will invade the Moon at the sea. Yorihime left for their time of arrival. Also, Toyohime went and found Yukari Yakumo at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost to punish her, but had to go back to the Moon to take care of the intruders. During this event, it left their home empty, and thus Yuyuko Saigyouji and Youmu Konpaku managed to get to the Lunar Capital to steal something from their home, which turned out to be some sake. However, they cannot return to Earth until it's a full moon again after a month, but they were capable of going into hiding until Yukari can allow them access home.


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