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Dream Compass

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Dream Compass
2015 - 2017 (unnamed); 2017 - April 2021 (as Team Dreamcatcher); April 2021 - present (as Dream Compass)
Dream Compass official website
  • Eredom — Founder and former staff leader; main programmer and level designer (Twitter, YouTube)
  • Naudiz — Staff leader; graphic designer; secondary musician and writer (Twitter, YouTube)
  • Mino — Organizer; lead playtester; secondary level designer (Twitter, YouTube)
  • DJ Abner — Lead musician (Twitter, YouTube)
  • Visunoriva — Portrait artist (Twitter)
  • Adam — Writer (Twitter)
  • Kirbio — Texture artist (Twitter)
  • Gilde — Translator (Twitter)


Dream Compass is a Touhou Danmakufu doujin circle with members from various parts of the world.

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