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Dream Logical World

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東方実在相 (とうほうじつざいそう)
Dream Logical World
Dream Logical World

Analogue Reverie


Trial 0.01a: 14 July 2019
Trial 0.01b: 11 August 2019
Trial 0.10a: 26 August 2021
Version 1.00a: 20 January 2022
Version 1.00b: 9 February 2022
Version 1.01a: 22 April 2022
Version 1.02a: 20 July 2022


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode


Windows 98?/ME?/2000?/XP?/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (Danmakufu ph3.5)


Direct3D, DirectX 8.1, Except the video cards which max texture size is only 256x256 (e.g. Voodoo) (Danmakufu)

TouhouJitsuzaisou(Aspects of Existence) ~ Dream Logical World (東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical World) is a fan-made Touhou Project game made using the Touhou Danmakufu ph3.5 shooting game engine, created by Analogue Reverie with VYCM as the project lead. This game is the first released project by Analogue Reverie, as well as the first fangame to use the ph3.5 engine.


Dream Logical World utilizes a team system similar to Imperishable Night, where the player uses two characters at once and switches to the second character when focused.

This game replaces standard bombs with "Aspect Shifts", which are used at the expense of power similar to the bombs in Mountain of Faith and Subterranean Animism. Rather than directly damaging enemies, Aspect Shifts confer special gameplay effects such as temporary invincibility, a widened shot range, a stationary field that clears enemy bullets, auto-collecting items, or a gradual increase in shot strength. Every individual character has an Aspect Shift with a unique effect, meaning that two are available to the player while playing as a single team. Aspect Shifts last a few seconds by default, but grazing and collecting items during one will extend its duration, with score and point item value bonuses being awarded at the Aspect Shift's end, depending on how long the player was able to keep it active.


One day, the denizens of Gensokyo realize their reality is different. Trees have diamonds on them. Dirt paths are now made of fancy glass. The distances between landmarks have changed. The Hakurei Shrine, instead of being desolate, is now regularly visited by worshipers. And perhaps most disturbing of all, even people's personalities seem to have changed. What's more, it seems that existence has been this way for quite a while and no one noticed it. Everyone's minds simply accepted that this was now reality—as if they were dreaming and their minds convinced them that what was happening in the dream was real, which leads Gensokyo's residents to call the phenomenon "dream logic". Only remembering the past and finding points of contradiction where things don't make sense allows them to determine what reality "should" look like. In this urgent situation, a large cast of playable characters and quite a few unlikely partnerships assemble to uncover the truth...


Dream Logical World contains music by VYCM, and is his first released work.

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