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Dream World

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(ゆめ) 世界 (せかい)
Dream World
jɯᵝme̞ no̞ se̞ka̠i
The Dream World in Antinomy of Common Flowers
An amusement park in the Dream World in Antinomy of Common Flowers


Official Games

The Dream World (夢の世界 Yume no Sekai) is a world that is visited via dreaming and is ruled by Doremy Sweet.

General Information

The Dream World is normally accessed via dreams, where the dreamer exists as their "dream self".

In Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, the Dream World is mysteriously accessed physically through a secret passageway that Reisen Udongein Inaba calls "Kaian Passageway #4 (第四槐安通路)", and is said to be used as a method of travel between the Lunar Capital and Gensokyo by the moon rabbits[1]. The passageway seems to resemble outer space somewhat, as Sanae Kochiya exclaims "I'm flying through space!", and both the Moon and the Earth are visible, seen in Stage 3 and the Extra Stage respectively.

There is no information suggesting the Fantasy World (夢幻世界) in Lotus Land Story, the World of Fantasies (幻夢界) in Story of Eastern Wonderland, or Mugetsu's world, are at all related.


Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Prior to the game's events, ordered by Sagume Kishin, Doremy Sweet creates a fake Lunar Capital within the Dream World that the residents of the Lunar Capital temporarily live in while the Hell fairies run rampant on the Moon.

After Ringo's defeat, she tells the heroine to go through the secret passageway in the Dream World to get to the Lunar Capital. They are stopped by Doremy, who is surprised to find they are in their physical body while in a dream, and ultimately allows them to get the true Lunar Capital instead of the fake one, contrary to Sagume's instruction.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

The "Perfect Possession" phenomenon is affecting the Dream World and its inhabitants are being expelled into the real world. When someone is being perfectly possessed, their partner remains in the Dream World. Also because of this phenomenon, Sumireko Usami is stuck in the Dream World while her dream self is rampaging in the real world. There, she encounters the dream versions of Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame and interact with Doremy Sweet who was keeping an eye on her. She is finally freed from the dream world by Yukari Yakumo, who was trying to put a stop to the rampage of Sumireko's dream self.

Violet Detector

The whole premise of Violet Detector happens in the Dream World. The dream dwellers are ganging up against Sumireko Usami's dream self, jealous that one of them is able to have a flesh in the real world.


Additional Information