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Drillimation Systems

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Drillimation Systems (株式会社ドリリメーションシステム Kabushiki-gaisha Doririmēshon Shisutemu) is an American one-man doujin circle that develops and distributes games for the Japanese and western markets. The circle is known for the Chuhou Joutai series of vertically-scrolling danmaku shooters targeted at beginners, but they are also known for the Touhou Project NES Demakes, a series of unofficial NES-inspired remakes of the PC-98 games.


Drillimation Systems logo

Drillimation Systems
ドリリメーションシステム official website
Electronic, Instrumental, Chiptune, Classical
  • Prophet Driller — General Producer/Game Designer/Character Graphics/System Graphics/Background Graphics/Sound Effects/Script/Illustrator/Music


All games that Drillimation produces are part of a series referred to as the Drillimation Danmaku Universe, a shared universe based on a version of Gensokyo that crosses over various plot points, characters, and gameplay elements. It has been confirmed that their original IP, Chuhou Joutai, takes place on an alternate Touhou Project canon specifically created by Drillimation; many characters in said franchise are confirmed to be descendants of famous Touhou Project characters.

Game Productions

Chuhou Joutai series

Touhou Project NES Demakes series

Other Touhou Project fangames


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