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DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern

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東方戰騎譚 (とうほうせんきたん)
DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern

D.N.A. Software Creations


D.N.A. Software Creations




Danmaku Adventure Game


One or two player story mode


Windows 98/2000/XP


Celeron 800MHz (1200MHz preferred), 60MB hard disk, Direct3D , DirectX 9, VRAM 16MB (32MB preferred), DirectSound, 128MB RAM, (256MB preferred)

東方戰騎譚 ~ DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern (Touhou Senkitan, "Eastern Horseback Battle Legends") is a danmaku version of SEGA's arcade game Gain Ground; several levels are exact replicas of levels found in that game.


The goal of each level is to move your characters across the screen to the Magic Circle exit point within the time limit. You can achieve this goal in two ways: First, if you kill every enemy in the level, you will automatically advance to the next level and receive bonuses for each character in reserve. Second, you can move each character across the map one (or two, in two player mode) at a time, while trying not to get hit.

Before starting, each player selects a character from the "Members Line-Up", then selects which alternative attack that character will use. That character will then be dropped off at the starting point where they must navigate obstacles, enemies and bullets to reach the exit point. Each character's normal and alternate fire techniques are unique to that character. Pressing both buttons at once will fire that character's bomb spell. On certain stages, enemies will hide offscreen, rushing in only when your character stands in a certain location, or stand on high points where only certain attacks can reach them. Use the enemy counter to the right to determine if any enemies are in hiding.

If your character is hit, it will be "captured" and will start flashing. If you have any more characters in your Line-Up, you will select a new character and attack, and start again. Any captured characters not rescued at the end of the level will be permanently removed from the Member Line-Up. You can rescue a captured character by touching them with another character, at which point the captured one will follow that character to the exit (you must take the character to the exit, with the exception of boss stages, merely having the character in tow when you kill all the enemies is not enough). You can only rescue one character at a time and if your character is hit while leading another captured character (or while another active character is captured elsewhere), the current character becomes captured, and the one being rescued immediately becomes lost. The game ends when all of your characters have been captured or lost.

Certain stages are boss stages, where you will have to destroy the boss character in order to continue. The bosses have several attack phases, including Spell Cards. Also, watch out for extra characters waiting to be rescued on some stages. These additional characters have more varied attack patterns compared to the four you start with.

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