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DynaMarisa 3D

May 1, 2011 (Comic 1☆5)


Third-person Shooter Game




Windows XP/Vista/7


2.4Ghz Intel Core2Duo or similar, 1280x720 resolution, DirectX 9.0c, Shader 2.0-enabled, More than 512MB VRAM, 2GB RAM

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Daina Marisa 3D (ダイナマリサ3D, lit. "DynaMarisa 3D") is a 3D third-person Touhou Project shooter fangame released by Twilight Frontier that parodies Sandlot's Earth Defense Force 2017. This game features stereoscopic 3D graphics, activated by through the Options menu, this allow for 3D graphics on computers using video cards that support for stereoscopic 3D graphics.


The game spans across 26 stages that Marisa Kirisame must battle through. Stages have either fixed waves, endless waves, or bosses for Marisa to defeat. Marisa can carry two weapons into each battle; each weapon can have up to three weapon modifiers that can augment weapon stats, grant special abilities to Marisa, and enhance her reinforcements.

Stage enemies drop either a 1up to increase Marisa's maximum HP, a Weapon Box, or a mushrooms that recover lost HP upon death; stronger enemies drop several different items at once. Stage difficulty affect the strength, health, and speed of the enemies encountered, so it is necessary to progress from lower difficulties in order to acquire the health and weapons needed to combat tougher foes. The difficulty also affects the weapons earned from a Weapon Box.


One day, Marisa Kirisame decides to break into the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library to "borrow" some of Patchouli Knowledge's books, as usual. However, this time she was caught off guard as she was surrounded an army of heavily-armed fairies and ant-like robots all under Patchouli's control. At Patchouli's command, the robots all fired Marisa with a barrage of gunfire. Defeated, Marisa flees from the scene and swore revenge against Patchouli as she prepares her own army of fairies, the Patchouli Defense Force, and an arsenal of weapons of her own to combat Patchouli and her legion of fairies and machines.

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