Eastern Strange Discourse

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Eastern Strange Discourse (東方怪奇談 touhou kaikidan) is a song composed by ZUN for Highly Responsive to Prayers. His comments on the song imply that it was one of the most important songs during the PC-98 era, and is still important to him personally.'

Eastern Strange Discourse has a clear inspiration and similarity with the music Rydeen, composed and performed by Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Debut: 1995 (Highly Responsive to Prayers)
Group: Group 1 (1995, #1-#15)
Image: Reimu Hakurei, Ruins of Vina

Music Comments

Highly Responsive to Prayers

  • 1997/08/15 (1995)
  • No comment in game.

Mystic Square

  • 1998/12/30
  • From the Music Room Special
Comment: "I composed this song for the first game I ever made, so I put quite a bit of thought into it. All the "Touhou OOO"-style game titles also stem from this piece."

Dolls in Pseudo Paradise

  • 2002/12/30
  • Track 5 is a rearranged version
  • No comments related to the song
  • The original MIDI file version exists on ZUN's old music website
Comment: "Thank you for downloading this song.
This is "Eastern Strange Discourse" from Highly Responsive to Prayers.
This song is, to me, one of the most historic (well, it's really just old (^^;), so I play it every now and then, such that I've gotten quite used to it.
But when I tried to arrange it, it was pretty difficult. In reality, it's pretty faithful to the original. The original MIDI version (unreleased), as opposed to the FM version. In those days, I was satisfied with just creating a melody that I thought up, so... (^^;
This song was also the opportunity for me to start the Touhou Project and stuff. Since I wanted to create a mix of an eastern and western feel in my songs. It fills me with emotion. Seriously. (Well, maybe not the tune itself, but... (^^;)
Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN ."

Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5

  • 2007/12/31
  • Track 2 is the rearranged version from Mystic Square
  • No comment

Game Appearances