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Eastern and Little Nature Deity (CD)

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Touhou Three Moon Fairies

Touhou Three Moon Fairies album cover









Official CDs chronology
Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3 東方三月精 ~ Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Akyu's Untouched Score vol.4

Touhou Three Moon Fairies (東方三月精 ~ Eastern and Little Nature Deity Touhou Sangetsusei) is an official doujin album by Team Shanghai Alice released on 2007-01-26.


  • 01. サニールチルフレクション (03:49)
    • Sunny Rutile Flection
  • 02. 夜だから眠れない (05:19)
    • Can't Sleep Because It's Nighttime
  • 03. 妖精燦々として (04:32)
    • Like the Brilliance of Fairies


ZUN's comments

About Making the Music For the Book
単行本収録の楽曲について About Making the Music For the Book


Almost all the characters in the Touhou series are bosses in the shmups. This is why they have their own themes.
However, the three fairies do not have one. I thought this was unacceptable, and made one for each.
I wrote these songs as if I were to use them in a game. I was careful to make them with melodies that are simple and easy to understand, like the fairies themselves. It's enjoyable to imagine how a game with them would turn out while listening to these songs.

Track 1
サニールチルフレクション Sunny Rutile Flection

日の光の妖精、サニーミルクのテーマ曲です。 これはそのままシューティングに使える曲です。もし、三妖精が全員揃ってゲームに出てくる場合も、この曲が一番しっくり来ます。

This is the theme of the sunlight fairy, Sunny Milk. I could easily use this song as it is in a game. If I were to make a game where they all appeared at once, this song would be the most suitable.
It is indeed a song that feels like the theme of a boss in the first half of my games, casual and not too serious. The hook that feels like it's flowing backwards with it's sparkling beeping sounds feels very much like Sunny. I like how the super-speedy bass and the unexpectedly Eastern-style melody match each other. However, everyone else seems to forcefully make it a point that it really wouldn't work in a game...
By the way, Sunny's ability to refract light is also able to do so at negative refractive indexes. While no common substance is able to do this, it is said to be optimal for hiding oneself.
Even rutile never stood a chance against Sunny's power.

Track 2
夜だから眠れない Can't Sleep Because It's Nighttime

月の光の妖精、ルナチャイルドのテーマ曲です。 少しだけ重くなりました。どっちかって言うとシューティング道中の曲ですね。

This is the theme of the moonlight fairy, Luna Child.
Just the slightest bit serious. If I had to say, it would be used for a stage theme in a game.
Among the main characters in this book, I would say that Luna had most of the better lines, but as a result of this, it's easy for the others to make fun of her. In other words, she's has a very general personality that is easiest to understand. Those who are night-owls themselves will relate to her.
In this song, I tried to combine the feel of the stories in this book, too. I was trying to create something that has a strange rhythm if you listen very, very closely.
And then the title. I believe it to express the straightforwardness of fairies and their mindset.
Humans can't sleep although it's nighttime. Fairies sleep because it's nighttime. Youkai don't sleep because it's nighttime.
And she can't sleep because it's nighttime, even if she's sleepy. The moonlight is too bright for her.

Track 3
妖精燦々として Like the Brilliance of Fairies

星の光の妖精、スターサファイアのテーマ曲です。 何か暢気そうでノリノリです。どっちかって言うとエンディングの曲ですね、って使えないじゃん。

This is the theme of the starlight fairy, Star Sapphire. It's sort of carefree and peppy. If I had to say, it would be an ending theme, but I couldn't use it like that.
I made this song while envisioning someone enjoying a stroll at night while dancing with their hands underneath a starry sky.
It's good to make things enjoyable, but at some points in the song it feels a little lonely. I guess it feels as if I made the song with the image of just the fairies with no one else around, but fairies wouldn't see something like that as lonely. Fairies always move on their own. The Three Fairies are simply an exception to this rule. That's how the song feels (Maybe not that far.).
Star usually takes an observatory standpoint when Sunny and Luna bicker, sometimes she will feign ignorance and say something that will completely change the mood.
There are many things that are represented by stars: planets, comets, meteors and other kinds of heavenly bodies.