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Elegant Impermanence of Sakura/Story/Extra Story

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This is a completely normal magical item shop, although very much not normal people are the only ones that visit.

As usual, Reimu and the gang barged in without so much a greeting.

The shopkeeper, Rinnosuke Morichika, seemed to be used to this.

灵梦 「所以说你有办法吗」

霖之助 「这样的话应该放到第二句来说」

魔理沙 「如果做不到的话博丽神社就要永远冷清下去了哦」

霖之助 「这应该是第三句吧」

妹红 「似乎这样也不错来着」

祈 「所以说就是这个」

Reimu: "So, do you have an idea?"

Rinnosuke: "You should say that as the second sentence."

Marisa: "If you can't do this the Hakurei Shrine will forever have no visitors."

Rinnosuke: "That should be the third sentence."

Mokou: "Looks like this won't be too bad."

Inori: "So I said it would be this."

巫女掏出了半块小小的宝玉,一股灵力自上逸散而出 The shrine maiden fished out half of a small jade treasure, mystical power emanating from it.
霖之助 「原来是客人啊,来卖东西的吗」

魔理沙 「当然是来问你能不能把它修好」

霖之助 「修复应该是建立在材料准备齐全的基础上的吧」

妹红 「这里没有那种万用的零件什么的吗」

灵梦 「明明是废铜烂铁的聚集地来着」

Rinnosuke: "Ah, guests. Coming to sell something?"

Marisa: "We're asking if you can fix it, of course."

Rinnosuke: "Talking about repairs should be preconditioned on having all the materials ready first."

Mokou: "Does this place not have those parts that can used for 10000 different purposes?"

Reimu: "You know this place is a scrap yard, right?"



Unfazed by Reimu's comment, Rinnosuke examined the jade shard, mumbling to himself.

This jade stone held an immense amount of power, and seemed unlike something from Gensokyo.

霖之助 「就现在的情况来看,我也不知道我能做到多少,

灵梦 「什么啊,那说到底不还是得去抢剩下的一片碎片了吗」

妹红 「到头来还是合了那个神的意呢


灵梦 「没办法啊,幻想乡的利益毕竟是优先的

Rinnosuke: "In these conditions, I don't know how much I can do,

but I do know that you can't be missing the other half of it."

Reimu: "What, so we have to take back the other half after all?"

Mokou: "So in the end we still have to follow that god's will.

Won't we be aiding the tyrant?"

Reimu: "We have no choice, we have to put Gensokyo first

As for that god, if she tries starting anything again I'll exterminate her."



At this time, the great door of Kourindou swung open,

the final person they wanted to meet here, the border youkai Yukari, appeared in the doorway.

紫 「你们这表情,意思是解决异变只能去外界找那半块石头了吗」

灵梦 「是啊……不过如果能去看望一下堇子也好」

紫 「乐观真是小灵梦最大的优点呢


紫 「等下我会在大结界上开个洞

Yukari: "From your expressions, I'm guessing the only way you can resolve the incident is to go to the Outside World to find the other half of that stone?"

Reimu: "Yeah...though it would be nice if we could visit Sumireko too."

Yukari: "How positive, one of my favorite qualities of yours, Reimu-chan.

Iwanagahime is an immensely powerful ancient god. If we mean to take it by force, there will definitely be a great battle."




According to Yukari's report, the one possessing the other half of the jade was a powerful god whose strength was above that of Shizuka.

Rinnosuke was just meaning to ask what was happening, but Reimu and the others instantly stood up, ran outside, and flew away.

In a flash, only a bewildered Rinnosuke was left in the shop.

霖之助 「……下次再把我的店当做会议室我可是要收租金了」 Rinnosuke: "...next time they use my shop as a meeting room, I'm charging rent."