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Ellis, Eris

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Innocence Devil
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Devil/Magician (?)


Can turn into a bat


Around the Ruins of Vina in Makai

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Elis is a devil of some kind that Reimu Hakurei encounters while in Makai's Ruins of Vina during Highly Responsive to Prayers. Since she has no official character profile and exchanges no dialogue with Reimu, nothing else is known about this enemy.

Character Design


Her name is displayed in-game as Elis. The name "Elis" comes from Elijah, Hebrew for "The Lord is my God", specifically a dialect form from Welsh and Middle English. The name may also refer to Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord in Greek mythology. Probably a coincidence, there is an ancient district called "Elis" in southern Greece. However, her name is most likely a reference to a character named "Elis" from a tankoubon manga called Babaroa Ehon (ばばろあえほん) by Izumi Takemoto, a favorite manga artist of ZUN's whose works are referenced in various places throughout the Touhou Project series.


Elis as a bat.

Elis' sprite in Highly Responsive to Prayers shows that she has purple eyes, has blond hair with a large red bow, and that she has a wand topped with a star in her left hand. She wears a white shirt with a red bowtie under her purple vest and a long red skirt with strange purple markings along its hem. She also has pointed elf-like ears, a red star mark on her face, and what seems to be a secondary red hair accessory near her large bow. Additionally, Elis has large, purple bat wings and has the ability to turn herself into a bat.

Elis is one of the few PC-98 characters whose hair and eyes are not the same color. The only other PC-98 characters who share this trait are Konngara and SinGyoku's third form. This is due to the 16-color limit the PC-98 has.


Minor Relationships


Shinki is the creator of Makai and everything within it. In light of this, Shinki may also have created Elis.

Additional Information

  • Elis and Kikuri share the same theme called "Magic Mirror".
  • The background music for Makai stages 11 to 14 is called "Oriental Magician". This would later become one of Marisa Kirisame's titles.
    • Elis is also the only character alongside Marisa and Yuuka to ever use a wand in the series.
  • Elis is one of three characters that can transform into a bat, with the other two being Remilia and Flandre.
    • Elis' bat form can take damage, however and it seems she willfully changes form in order to shoot danmaku. Remilia and Flandre don't turn into their bat form unless a bomb is used against them, in which case the form grants them temporary invulnerability.
  • Elis is the first boss in the series to have the iconic Star of David magic circle present around her during certain attacks.
  • Kurumi, a vampire character introduced later in the PC-98 series, bears some resemblance to her.
  • Elis' character title, "Innocence Devil", seems to be referenced in the title of Gengetsu's theme, "Cute Devil ~ Innocence", from Lotus Land Story.
  • Along with her name being a reference to Elis from Izumi Takemoto's Babaroa Ehon (ばばろあえほん), her facial star mark might also be a reference to another of Takemoto's characters, Orunishiki Yukizasa, from Sayori na Parallel (さよりなパラレル).
  • The pattern on Elis' skirt may be inspired by the patterns on the dresses of many Shin Megami Tensei demons, especially Titania, whose hair ornament seems to have inspired Elis' hair ornament. Comparison.
    • The location Elis' is fought in, the Ruins of Vina (ヴィナの廃墟), is directly inspired by the location were demons are born, the Sea of Binah (ビナーの海), from the Shin Megami Tensei series.
      • Binah is the third sephira on the Kabbalastic Sephiroth (Tree of Life) representing knowledge and wisdom.
        • Due to Elis' connection with Shin Megami Tensei and Jewish mysticism, she might be related to Sariel (who also has connections to Judaism and Shin Megami Tensei) in some way. Perhaps Elis is a servant or underling to Sariel in a way similar to how most stage 5 bosses serve final bosses in later Touhou Project games.


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