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Hardworking Witch Who Dreams of Love
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Inability to grow old, magic


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Ellen (エレン Eren) is an eternally young witch who makes her appearance during Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. She lives longer than the average human (it's possible that she is immortal), but most memories of her life completely leave her mind in blocks at a time, making her as childish as she looks. It's assumed that she is not a human.

Character Basis

Ellen is not ZUN's original character but a parody of one of the heroines of Hatarakimono (はたらきもの, lit. "Hard Worker"), a manga by Izumi Takemoto, full name Ellen Fuwafuwaatama (fluffy-head) Aureus (エレン・ふわふわ頭・オーレウス). In her ending, when she wants her new store's name to be "Fuwafuwa Ellen's Magic Shop", in reference to this. Sokrates is also based on this manga (ZUN notes that Ellen's clothing style and the "age" where cats were pets don't really match up, so the cat should probably be named "Archimedes" instead).


"Ellen" is a very common Western feminine first name. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of it is "sun ray, shining light"[1]


Ellen's design is a short character with long blond hair and a red-and-white dress. She wears a red bow in her hair and is always seen in the company of Sokrates, her pet cat. Her alternate outfit shows all red parts in black.



Sokrates is Ellens pet cat who can be seen on her shoulder almost the time.

Additional Information

One of Marisa's alternate color schemes in Touhou Hisoutensoku
  • Ellen appears on the cover of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream along with all the other characters in that game.
  • Ellen's outfit may have been the inspiration for Marisa's outfit later on in the Windows series. Her alternate outfit is even black.
  • One of Marisa's palettes in Touhou Hisoutensoku resembles Ellen.
  • Her first gauge attack may have been the predecessor of Sakuya Izayoi's Killing Doll.

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