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Gatekeeper of the Mansion
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Mansion Porter


Beneath the Lake of Blood, Mugenkan

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"This is the entrance to the mansion on the boundary between the Fantasy World and the real world... I'm the guardian here, Elly."
Elly (Lotus Land Story Stage 3)

Elly (エリー Erī) is a PC-98 character who's only known role is being the gatekeeper of Mugenkan, which is on the border between the Fantasy World and the real world. It's so rare that people come there that she is rather surprised when both Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame show up one after another, and she fails miserably to stop either of them from entering. She blames it on the long time it has been since she last fought as she says she's really strong. She is the third stage boss of Lotus Land Story.

Character Design


Her only known name is Elly (エリー), which is a female given name in Danish and German.


In Lotus Land Story's official art, Elly has yellow eyes, yellow hair, and wears a pink hat with a red ribbon. She also wears a dark red and pink dress and carries a scythe.


Lotus Land Story

At the time when the main character fights Elly, she says she's the guard of Mugenkan. She also says to either Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame (depending on who you choose to play has) that the opposite person has already entered Mugenkan and vice versa. She was defeated by either the two before the player has met Elly. She states that she has not fought for a long time before this event.


Since she states that she rarely sees anyone coming to Mugenkan, she may be a lonely character. However, her mistress appears to be Yuuka Kazami, but it's unknown what kind of relation they've got.

Additional Information

Elly on the score screen of Lotus Land Story
  • She is the only boss in the series to start out invincible for an extended length of time.
  • Elly's appearance may be inspired by appearance of Ankou from Megami Tensei.[1]
  • Elly's scythe throwing attack may be inspired by Kamaitachi.[2]
  • Elly is the only character in the whole series to use tiles as danmaku.
  • Elly appears on the score screen of Lotus Land Story and is one of the few PC-98 characters who has a full in-game portrait; however, the colouring is in monochrome.
  • Since other than Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, Elly has not fought for a long time. There might be a possibility that Kurumi (who appears to be the guard of the Lake of Blood) has defeated all intruders until both Reimu and Marisa came.


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