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the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/English patch

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This patch translates the full or trial version of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to English, using the translations from this wiki. It works on the full version 1.02h and trial version 0.13 of the game. If you have an older version, you'll need to upgrade before installing the patch. The upgrade patch and the trial version of the game can be found on the official homepage.

Upgrading your game from an earlier version will erase your old scores and replays. Installing this patch when you already have the latest version of the game will not.

Lastest version is 0.8, using translations from 2005-11-17. Download

The 1.02h patch requires that you have already patched your game files with the 1.02f patch (kouma_update102f.EXE). To do this, you must download the patch from the game's official website, and place it in the game's root folder (typically C:/Program Files/東方紅魔郷). It is important that you run the patch through AppLocale (Windows XP only), or are using Windows in Japanese locale (you have to do this for all other versions of Windows), or the patch won't work. If you are running the patch correctly, and it still won't apply, it's because you need to disable write protection on the files which are to be patched. Select all files in the game folder and uncheck the read-only option, and then try running the patch again.

To run the 1.02h patch (as downloaded off ZUN's site) in Windows 2000 or XP, you need to put it in the same program folder as 東方紅魔郷.exe (typically C:/Program Files/東方紅魔郷 or C:/Program Files/(insert gibberish miscoding here) ), then run it through AppLocale as a Japanese-language program. (Note that, ideally, you should already have AppLocale, and should have used it to install EoSD.) The english patch itself may also need AppLocale, though normally the patched .exes (th06_e and custom_e) should not.

Patch resources: