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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Story

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This article describes the story of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in detail.


During a peaceful summer in Gensokyo, an unnatural scarlet mist appears without warning and covers much of the land. It is strong enough to block out the sun, causing the affected areas to become dark and cold. Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden working at the Hakurei Shrine, is aware of the fact that if let alone, it could possibly spread across the border to the human world; in other words, it is her duty to find the cause of this unnatural weather. Relying on intuition, she heads towards the Misty Lake. Marisa Kirisame, a magician, hopes that the person casting the spell will have some interesting items to collect. Depending on who you choose, only one of these two heroines actually goes out and investigates.

Main Story

This game is Curtain Fire Shooting Game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
The border land was wrapped in Scarlet Magic. Girls believe that you solve this mystery...

As the heroine leaves to find the source of the mist on the summer night, she is intercepted by Rumia, who is wandering around. The next day, the heroine travels over the Misty Lake, where the mist appears to be originating from. Before reaching her destination, the heroine encounters Cirno, an ice fairy living on the lake. Neither Rumia nor Cirno turned out to be related to the scarlet mist, however.

Upon reaching the island, the heroine is immediately attacked by many guards. The offensive is led by Hong Meiling, who is unsuccessful in driving away the intruding heroine from the premises. After the fight, the heroine coerces Meiling into showing her the way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and enters it, certain that the person causing the mist is inside. The heroine first looks through a dim library. Koakuma ambushes the heroine, but she is quickly defeated. Her master Patchouli Knowledge tries to stop the heroine from proceeding any further. The heroine then reaches the main hallways, where the chief maid Sakuya Izayoi also tries to stop the heroine from reaching her mistress. After the long journey, the heroine comes face to face with the Scarlet Devil herself, Remilia Scarlet, on the balcony of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As a vampire, Remilia reveals that the scarlet mist was created so that she could feel comfortable walking out during the day. After a fierce battle, Remilia is defeated and things return to relative normality in Gensokyo.


The bad endings have the respective heroine returning home, noting how nothing is changing, grumbling about losing, or complaining about how it's getting cold out.

In Reimu A's ending, she is busy cleaning the shrine, talking about her ideal vision of summer, when Remilia arrives carrying a parasol. After a bit of talking about the shrine rarely getting visitors, Reimu wrestles with her, exposing her to sunlight. Remilia threatens to make her immortal with her ashes. At which point Reimu lets her go wanting "20 years worth".

Reimu B's ending has her lazing about due to the heat when Remilia comes over. She talks about ghost stories, one of which by herself, all while embracing Reimu from behind.

In Marisa A's ending, she stays at the Scarlet Devil Mansion for a while and gets Sakuya to serve her snacks. They talk about the heat, rare ingredients, and Sakuya's control over time. Afterwards, Remilia comes in and yells at Marisa for acting like she owns the place. Sakuya tells her that she had her own snacks ready and calms her down. Remilia starts complaining about Marisa having stopped her plan, and Marisa just responds that she felt like it.

Marisa B's ending has her reading a book in the mansion's library when Sakuya comes up and kindly reminds her that she is, in fact, trespassing on private property. Upon hearing Remilia, the maid hides Marisa. She then discusses plans for getting rid of "rats" with Remilia, and Sakuya reminds her to bring a parasol when she goes out. Sakuya lets it slip that the rat is still alive.

Extra Backstory

A few days after the events of the main story, Remilia ends up at the Hakurei Shrine with Reimu and Marisa one way or another. They soon notice, however, that a rainstorm seems to have brewed in the vicinity of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As a vampire, Remilia cannot move through the rain to see what's going on, and coerces the shrine maiden and the magician to investigate for her. The two head off to the mansion without Remilia voicing her thoughts on what's probably happening.

Extra Story

If it was able to do,
I would like you to challenge.
Gods Knows...

The heroine returns to the Scarlet Devil Mansion during Remilia's absence and finds the entire household in chaos. Making her way to the main hallways, the heroine fights a stronger maid staff than before, as well as a more serious Patchouli. As the heroine wonders why everyone is on edge, Remilia's little sister, Flandre Scarlet, appears. Flandre reveals that she has been hidden inside the mansion for 495 years, and she has never seen a human before. Flandre asks the heroine to play with her, and after a long and difficult battle, Flandre is defeated.