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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Story/Extra Story

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■2.エキストラストーリー 2. Extra Story
  エキストラステージのバックストーリーです。 The backstory of Extra Stage.
   東方紅魔狂 ~ Sister of Scarlet. Touhou Scarlet Devil Lunatic ~ Sister of Scarlet


Once again, it was a bright and sunny day in Gensokyo.

It should have been peaceful.
However, the girl in black was still having misgivings, so she came to the shrine again today.

   魔理沙 「暑いぜ暑いぜ、暑くて死ぬぜ」

   霊夢 「死んだら、私が鳥葬にしてあげるわ」

   魔理沙 「あんたに任すのは、絶対にいや」

Marisa: "Hot hot hot... So hot I could die."

Reimu: "If you do die, I'll give you a sky burial." [1]
Remilia: "Oh, you could leave that to me, you know."

Marisa: "Leave that to you? Absolutely not!"

  神社には何故か、しかしいつも通り、紅い悪魔がいた。 For some reason, and yet as per the usual, the scarlet devil was in the shrine.

   魔理沙 「あんた、そんなに家空けて大丈夫なのか?」


   霊夢 「きっと大丈夫じゃないから、すぐに帰れ。」

Marisa: "Hey, is it all right to just leave the mansion like this?"

Remilia: "It's fine; I left everything to Sakuya."

Reimu: "It's probably not fine, hurry up and go back immediately."

  そのときである、3人を脅かす雷鳴がなったのだった。 At that moment, a clap of thunder surprised the three.

   霊夢 「夕立ね」

   魔理沙 「この時機に、珍しいな」


Reimu: "An evening squall."

Marisa: "That's pretty unusual this time of year."

Remilia: "I, um, can't walk around in the rain, can I."



They waited for a while, but rain didn't start falling, and when they went to check outside, the sky was clearly unnatural.

A harsh storm had brewed over only one part of a corner of Gensokyo.


   霊夢 「ほんとだ、何か呪われた?」

   魔理沙 「もともと呪われてるぜ」

Remilia: "Hm? It looks like rain is only falling around my place."

Reimu: "It's true. Is it cursed or something?"

Marisa: "Isn't it was already cursed from the start?"


   霊夢 「あんたを帰さないようにしたんじゃない?」

   魔理沙 「いよいよ追い出されたな」

Remilia: "That worries me. I won't be able to go back with things like that."

Reimu: "Didn't you think they did it so you couldn't go back?"

Marisa: "So you've finally been driven out, huh?"


   魔理沙 「実は、中から出てこないようにした?」

   霊夢 「やっぱり追い出されたのよ。」

Remilia: "No, rather than doing it so I can't go back..."

Marisa: "Are they actually doing it so something doesn't get out from the inside?"

Reimu: "No, you've definitely been driven out."


   霊夢 「仕方ないなぁ、様子を見に行くわよ。」

   魔理沙 「楽しそうだぜ。」

Remilia: "Well, in any case, I can't return. What should I do for food?"

(food = people)
Reimu: "I guess there's no choice. I'll go see what's going on."

Marisa: "Sounds fun."



With that, the two left the shrine in the devil's care, and headed for Remilia's mansion.




Remilia: "Ah, that's right. I forgot about her. Patchouli is probably trying to stop her from getting out (by making it rain)."

  悪魔は右手をほほに添えて、首をかしげた。 The devil raised a hand to her cheek and tilted her head in thought.


Remilia: "This is a pain... Neither one of us can walk around in the rain..."

  雨は、一部の悪魔には歩くことすらかなわないのである。 The rain makes it so all but a certain type of demon can walk in it.


  1. Reimu is referring to chousou, a funeral ritual in which the body of the deceased is cut up and exposed to be eaten by animals, especially birds. It is commonly practiced in Tibet and is connected to the Buddhist concept of rebirth. See Wikipedia's entry on sky burials


  • おまけ.txt, included with the game
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