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Enoko Mitsugashira

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(みつ) (がしら)   () () ()
mit͡sɯgaɕiɽa enoko
Enoko Mitsugashira
Enoko Mitsugashira
Cerberus of Forested Silence
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Immortal yamainu


Manipulating traps

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Enoko Mitsugashira (三頭 慧ノ子 Mitsugashira Enoko) is a character who debuts in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.

General Information


Enoko has a cheerful personality and doesn’t hesitate to follow Saki Kurokoma’s orders. [1] [2] She also developed a sense of friendship and admiration with Marisa Kirisame, even for their few encounters. [3]


Manipulating traps

Enoko can manipulate traps. This likely allows her to wield her bear traps to full effect.


As a commander of the “Keiga Family's surface team”, she was the one leading the wolf spirits of the surface during the plot of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost to get the control of the land of Gensokyo. Her actual occupation is unknown.


Enoko has two bear traps strapped to each of her wrists. They move in correspondence to her hands, snapping shut when she clenches her fist.[4]

Background Information


Judging from her appearance and last name, Enoko is likely based on the Cerberus. Most commonly known as a three-headed dog that guards the underworld gates to prevent the dead from leaving. She is also based on the Yamainu, one of two extinct subspecies of gray wolves that were once native to the Japanese archipelago.


Enoko's full name is Mitsugashira Enoko ( 三頭 慧ノ子). The characters for Enoko's last name Mitsugashira (三頭) literally mean "three heads". The first word Mitsu () means "three", "third" or "triple" while Gashira () means "head" or "top". Her first name Enoko (慧ノ子) literally means "wise child" and is a wordplay on "puppy" (犬子 enoko) which corresponds to her being a yamainu. The first word ( E) means "wise", the second word ( no) is a possessive particle and the third word ( ko) is a common suffix used in female names which literally means "child".


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Sprite of Enoko as an opponent in UdoALG
Sprite of player controlled Enoko in UdoALG
Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

Commanded by Saki Kurokoma, Enoko fights several opponents which include Aunn Komano and Marisa Kirisame. Afterwards, she meets Reimu Hakurei, who admits that she knows that Enoko is working under the orders of Zanmu Nippaku; and Hisami Yomotsu, who guides her to Hell after Enoko beats her. There, she encounters Suika Ibuki, who fights her after talking about her past, Zanmu’s, and how Enoko became immortal thanks to her curse.


Zanmu Nippaku

Enoko became an immortal yamainu eating Zanmu's flesh while the latter was still human [4] and she followed Saki’s orders even though she knew that her boss was being manipulated by Zanmu, but when Suika Ibuki said that Zanmu didn’t need her anymore and that she was “thrown away.”, Enoko comments that she feels relieved. [1] Also, after Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, Enoko asks Marisa Kirisame for help to break her curse [3]

Saki Kurokoma

As the commander of the “Keiga Family's surface team”, [5] Saki is Enoko’s boss, and also the person who calmed her down and stopped her of eating all the spirits of the surface. [4] Although not much is known, Enoko seems to be in good terms with Saki, because she claims that she owns her life as she saved her from falling to Hell [6]

Marisa Kirisame

Enoko knows Marisa since long time ago, as she saw her in the Forest of Magic when she was still a wolf. [5] Their relationship seems to be very good, as Enoko even let Marisa examine her jewel so Marisa could get more information on how to cure her curse. [3] She also comments how impressed she is that the little girl she met a long time ago is now someone so strong that gets even oni surprised.



Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 1
三頭「ケルベロスファイア」 Three Heads "Cerberus Fire" UDoALG Use

Additional Information

  • The silhouette of Son Biten, Enoko Mitsugashira, and Chiyari Tenkajin, appears on the jewel case for Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.


Official Profiles

Th19Enoko.png ○森閑のケルベロス

 種族  不死のヤマイヌ
 名前  三頭 慧ノ子(みつがしら えのこ)
 能力  罠を操る程度の能力













○Cerberus of Forested Silence

Species: Immortal yamainu
Name: Enoko Mitsugashira
Ability: Capable of manipulating traps

Saki is hyping her up as being "just like Cerberus itself".

A yamainu who once ate Zanmu's flesh back when Zanmu was human.
As a result, she is eternally cursed.

She lived quietly in the Forest of Magic, but she never fully awakened despite having a close-to-eternal lifespan.
She spent a long time as a simple beast who was getting on in years, idly waiting for the flame of her life to expire.

But one day, something called to her from the depths of her heart.

It was the voice of the strange monk, who had kept laughing even though Enoko ate her flesh.

"Lucky beast, who devoured mine flesh. A beautiful gem lies nearby. Devour it."

In response to that voice that made her heart tremble, her latent power awakened.

The gemstone was similar to one of the Moon's precious orbs, which purified life.
The moment the beast picked it up, all the impurity around her began to be siphoned away.
It seemed that she had become truly immortal.

The voice continued, giving her orders. "Devour all the beast spirits up here atop the land."

However, the strongest beast spirit of all, Saki Kurokoma, met and placated her.

The one who introduced Saki to her... was also that strange monk, Zanmu.

By the way, her bear trap opens when she splays her hand, and snaps shut when she clenches her fist. It's very dangerou... um, convenient.