EoSD for Busy Person

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EoSD for Busy Person
EoSD for Busy Person





2009 (Reitaisai 6)


Visual Novel Game


Single-player Story mode


Windows 2000/XP/Vista


500MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 300MB HDD, 800x600 Resolution

EoSD for Busy Person (忙しい人のための紅魔郷, usually written in hiragana, but the cover uses kanji) is a visual novel type of game. The player interaction with the game is minimal, it's more of an animated story than a game.


The gameplay is that of a simple visual novel game. You watch the story, which is given to you with text and voiceover. Sometimes you have to make a selection to determine the way in which story will unfold. There are always 2 options - one will lead to a "bad" ending and the other continues the story, with the exception of 1 selection, that will allow you to select the route (Reimu or Marisa).


The story happens some time after Subterranean Animism. Remilia gets bored and decides to hold an event proposed by Aya (who is in danger of running out of newspaper material). After some discussion, it is decided that event should be a lighthearted repetition of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Reimu and Marisa begin their journey at about the same time, but they don't interact much throughout most of the event, so their routes allow to see the event from different points of view.


Aside from the game, the name "EoSD for Busy Person" also stands for a series of short videos.

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