Eternal Shrine Maiden

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Eternal Shrine Maiden in its most basic appearance (Loudspeaker.png listen)

Eternal Shrine Maiden (永遠の巫女 eien no miko) is a song composed by ZUN for Highly Responsive to Prayers. His comments on the song imply that it was one of the most important songs during the PC-98 era, and is still important to him personally.'

Eternal Shrine Maiden has a similar melody to G Free, and indeed was remixed together with it in Concealed the Conclusion

Debut: 1995 (Highly Responsive to Prayers)
Group: Group 1 (1995, #1-#15)
Image: Reimu Hakurei, Silent Temple

Music Comments

Highly Responsive to Prayers

  • 1997/08/15 (1995)
  • No comment in game; ZUN did include a comment in the PMD release on his music website
Comment: "The starting point of ZUN music. Just as was written in the comment of Kaikidan, this main melody also had quite an impact on me, and even now, if I'm not concentrating, I end up playing this song."

Mystic Square

  • 1998/12/30
  • From the Music Room Special
Comment: "This melody had quite an impact on me. Even now, I'll find myself playing it when I compose music."

Dolls in Pseudo Paradise

  • 2002/12/30
  • Track 12 is a rerranged version
  • No comments related to the song
  • The original MIDI file version exists on ZUN's old music website
Comment: "This is Eternal Shrine Maiden from Touhou Reiiden. Everything pretty much started from this song. So, I revived this ancient song.
"That said, I wanted it to have some kind of influence from Keiko Matsui, one of my favorite jazz pianists(around the part with the shocking piano). While it does have some of that influence, it ended up being the usual me anyway.
"At any rate, it's supposed to sound like other songs, but this song feels bizarrely dark... It was the representative work of the dark age, huh? (mystery) Even so, this is a special song for me personally. It's the origin."

Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5

  • 2007/12/31
  • Track 2 is the rearranged version from Mystic Square
  • No comment

Game Appearances