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Evil Eye

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Evil Eye
Evil Eye
Sprite of an evil eye from Story of Eastern Wonderland

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The evil eyes (イビルアイ Ibiruai) are stage enemies in the PC-98 era, only appearing in Story of Eastern Wonderland and Lotus Land Story. Nothing much is really known about these enemies.

Background Information

Evil eyes are green, spherical beings with bat wings and a singulat red eye. In stage 3 of Lotus Land Story, red ones wih four "legs" appeared. In later stages the wings are absent and something that resembles a fan is visible underneath their body. The term evil eye (イビルアイ Ibiruai) is unofficial and is a rather popular fan name to refer to this enemy in both the Western and Eastern fanbase. It derives from Evil Eye Σ (イビルアイ∑ Ibiruai Sigma), a tank created by Rika that seems to be based on these enemies.

Evil Eyes' Appearances


Evil eyes were generic enemies in the PC-98 games Story of Eastern Wonderland and Lotus Land Story. They weren't as common in the former as they were in the latter. On stage 2 of SoEW, they appeared alongside some crows where they slowly moved towards the player while pausing. If playing on Lunatic, they'll shoot bullets and return fire if defeated. They return on SoEW's extra stage, firing trickier danmaku.

An evil eye appears to be next to the mysterious girl

In LLS, they're usually kept together in groups and shoot danmaku in a way similar to the rest of the enemies in that game.


A sketch of an evil eye can be seen on the image top020729.jpg. It is seen behind the mysterious girl on the top right.

Additional Information

  • They're based on the superstition of the evil eye found in many cultures.
  • They are the first enemies in the top-down scrolling series to use colored bullets.
    • They use red colored bullets instead of white ones in SoEW.
  • The tank Evil Eye Σ built by Rika seems to be based on them.
  • YuugenMagan, who appeared a game prior in Highly Responsive to Prayers, has the title of "EvilEyes".


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