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Fabula Luna Vermiculus (ファブラルナヴェルミクルス Fabura runa vu~erumikurusu), is a Development Team that belong in Crimson Circle (クリムゾンサークル Kurimuzon sākuru).
Fabula Luna Vermiculus was derived from Latin words that means "The Tale of the Crimson Moon" or "The Story of the Crimson Moon".

It is a Development Team that specializes on Game Development especially on Role Playing Games.
Fabula Luna Vermiculus started developing and modifying games since 2012, led by Shin.
Shin decided to continue developing and modifying games alongside with other developers through this Development Team.

So he informed his circle of friends about his plan to develop a wide range of development projects especially on Game Development.

Shin already started developing a fantasy Role Playing Game, entitled Paradigm Shift (パラダイムシフト Paradaimushifuto).


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Fabula Luna Vermiculus
ファブラルナヴェルミクルス official website
Shin (シン) — Lead Programmer, Script, Character Graphics, System Graphics, and Sound Effects

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パラダイムシフト REMIX / ARRANGED OSTs Compilation
Release date: TBA

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