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Fairy Maid

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妖精 (ようせい) メイド
Fairy Maid
One of the Fairy Maids in Strange and Bright Nature Deity





Scarlet Devil Mansion

Official Games
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Fairy Maids (妖精メイド Yōseimeido) are the maids (excluding Sakuya Izayoi) who work in Scarlet Devil Mansion. There are thought to at least be 28 of them.

Character Design


They are officially referred to as Fairy Maids (妖精 (ようせい) メイド). None of these maids however are given a specific name including the three that traveled to the Moon alongside Remilia and Sakuya in Silent Sinner in Blue.


Residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Remilia Scarlet is the fairy maid's mistress whom which they primarily serve, as well as Flandre Scarlet whom they presumably serve as well and Patchouli Knowledge that can be seen sometimes serving. Hong Meiling, Koakuma and Sakuya Izayoi are their fellow employees, where Sakuya is also their superior.


Additional Information

  • They're mentioned often by the residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion whenever the word fairy comes up.
  • The same three fairy maids who travelled with Reimu's party to the Moon in Touhou Bougetsushou made a brief reappearance five years later in Chapter 21 of Wild and Horned Hermit

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