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Fairy Wars

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妖精大戦争 (ようせいだいせんそう)
東方三月精 (とうほうさんげつせい)

Fairy Wars
Fairy Wars
Official boxart for Fairy Wars

Team Shanghai Alice /
Makoto Hirasaka (portrait art)


Team Shanghai Alice


Full: August 14, 2010 (Comiket 78)


Vertical Danmaku Freezing Game


Single-Player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7
(can't run on Windows 2000 despite the information on the package)

  • Pentium 1GHz
  • 300 MB hard disk
  • Direct3D
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 64MB VRAM
  • DirectSound
  • 256MB RAM

Yousei Daisensou (The Great Fairy War)  ~ Touhou Sangetsusei(Three Fairies) (妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精) is a vertical "danmaku freezing" game and is considered the "12.8th" official installment of the Touhou Project and a spin-off of the Touhou Sangetsusei manga series. It was released between Double Spoiler (12.5) and Ten Desires (13), making it the third game to have a number between 12 and 13.


Fairy Wars is a vertical "danmaku freezing" game. Here, only one character can be controlled, and only has one "shot type". Besides the normal shot, an extra addition is the feature of freezing bullets that are shot at her. Almost any bullet will freeze if it comes in contact with the ice resulting in long, elaborate chains of ice. The bomb is not that regular. It is named the "perfect freeze" which will also freeze the bullets, but now which are at the whole screen. Instead of getting a live or bombs via a power-up, Cirno has a "motivation" which will start at 200% and will slowly increase. The same is for the perfect freeze, which uses a percentage. Each time you use the bomb, the perfect freeze meter will decrease by 100%. If the meter is lower then 100%, you cannot use it. The meter itself can increase all the way to 300%, contrary to what it says in the manual. At last, the shot power also uses a percentage, which will add more power every time a certain percentage is reached.

Unlike previous games with 6 stages, Fairy Wars only hold 3 stages. Therefore you could choose 3 different routes at the start and 2 different routes at the end of stage 1. This brings the total up to six different routes.


The game Fairy Wars was a continuation to the story in the Strange and Bright Nature Deity volume 2 special "Great Fairy Wars", released on February 18th, 2009.

The game was announced and released more than a year after the release of the special chapter. However, ZUN did hint at some sort of sequel at the end of the chapter,[1] as well as another shooter game in Strange and Bright Nature Deity 2 CD in the comments of track 1 describing the chapter as "the opening story to a normal shooting game".

The game was intended to be short and easier to play through, since the protagonists were all fairies, thus there are only three stages. It did not have any complex dialogue and the story was easy to step into, even though the game is a follow-up to the special.

As stated in the afterword, the title Fairy Wars is a parody of the title of The Great Yokai War, a film by Takashi Miike and produced by Kadokawa. As the comic is also published by the same studio, ZUN tried to have a little fun with the title. The length of the game was intended to be shorter, but ZUN decided that making such short games was useless and not interesting for him. So he made a longer game, but eventually ran out of time and some stuff got scrapped.

Because ZUN felt that the game art should be done by the manga artist, Makoto Hirasaka drew the portraits for the game, making it the first danmaku game not drawn by ZUN himself.


In the previous winter, the Three Fairies of Light wanted to gather other fairies to cooperate with each other. They decided that the only way to do so was with force, so they destroyed Cirno's house. Cirno mistook this as a declaration of war.

The following spring, after searching at various locations she finally meets all three of them at once, so she could punish them.

Cirno was convinced she was the strongest, and would challenge anyone who looks strong. Aya Shameimaru said that there were some humans done with flower viewings, and that is where Cirno found Marisa Kirisame.


Fairy Wars only holds 10 different tracks. The first and ninth tracks are revised versions of the title screen theme. The last track is a revised player score theme, which were used from Mountain of Faith to Undefined Fantastic Object with a subtle electronic sound. The player score theme of Fairy Wars is also used in the later games such as in Ten Desires, Double Dealing Character, and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Four tracks are used for stage themes and three for boss themes. For the first and second stage's boss fight the same track, "Staking Your Life on a Prank", is used. At stage 3 when you will meet the Three Fairies of Light the same theme is used, thus only Marisa Kirisame has her own theme. The first stage theme "The Refrain of the Lovely Great War") was first used in the music CD (東方三月精 ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity 2) that accompanied Strange and Bright Nature Deity. ZUN said in the music comments that even though it is the same track, you still will get different feelings hearing it as a stage theme. On the music comments at the CD the idea of the "Great Fairy Wars" was already planned, and ZUN said some of his thoughts about the game, and that the said theme could be some sort of "intro" to a new story, which it eventually became.
The typo in the musicroom.

The theme for Marisa Kirisame in the extra stage would originally be an arrangement of Marisa's theme in Shuusou Gyoku. Though, having forgotten the exact track and only having some impressions, it ended up as a whole different theme.

In the musicroom of Fairy Wars, the theme for the three fairies is misspelled as Great Fairy Wars ~ Faily Wars (妖精大戦争 ~ Faily Wars), even though the actual name is Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars (妖精大戦争 ~ Fairy Wars). The actual name is also visible in the description.

On March 2011, the music CD 東方三月精 ~ Oriental Sacred Place 2 was released. It has three tracks, all originating from Fairy Wars: "Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity", "A Midnight Fairy Dance" and "Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars".


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The game's first announcement was at ZUN his blog in 23 July 2010.[2] A month later ZUN noted some issues with the Windows 2000 compatibility. In the same blog he also noted that the difficulty "formula" is the same, just like any other Touhou game. [3]

The final version was sold at Comiket 78 for 1000 yen. It was on purpose that ZUN did not had any plans for that year's summer Comiket.

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