Fan-made Virtual Autography

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東方覚醒珠 (とうほうかくせいじゅ)
Fan-made Virtual Autography
Fan-made Virtual Autography

Northern Mind


Full: Mar 20, 2021
v1.1.2: Jan 16, 2023


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode

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Official Website

Touhou Kakuseiju (Awakening Orb) (※Nijisousaku(Derivative Work)) ~ Fan-made Virtual Autography (東方覚醒珠(※二次創作) ~ Fan-made Virtual Autography) is a Touhou Project fangame developed and published by Northern Mind, which features the standard formula of 6 stages and an Extra stage. The game combines elements of bullet hell and JRPG games.


Besides the standard bullet hell elements, the gameplay also has elements derived from mobile JRPG games, and your character has an HP bar instead of the standard lives, with the game ending once that bar has been depleted. The game also lacks a score system/graze counter.

In-game, the player is equipped with orbs that house fairies within them, which you can select for your team before beginning a run. Each fairy is rated from 1 to 5 stars depending on added HP, damage dealt, and how much health is gained from heart items. Each fairy also has a special ability that affects either the player or the fairies themselves, such as a smaller hitbox, faster speed, bigger grazing radius, etc.

Unlike other bullet hell games, each stage in the main game is selected individually. During each stage, defeated enemies will drop red and white items once defeated, which will then be used to charge up the power of the fairy with the items' corresponding colors. At the end of each wave of enemies, an automatic "Party Battle" would take place between the players' fairies and the fairies encountered within the stage, with the players' fairies attacking first. When the player gets hit, the HP bar doesn't decrease. Rather, enemy fairies simply get stronger. The only way the HP bar would be affected is by how well the player's fairies do in Party Battles, and any enemy fairies that are defeated in battle get added to the player's collection. When the player levels up a certain amount (that amount being determined by the player's fairies), they'll be able to use a bomb. Holding down the bomb button with more than one fairy ready will increase the bomb's power.


At the end of the year, a game known as the "Map Orb Game" became immensely popular among human and youkai alike within Gensokyo. The objective of the game is to capture fairies within dichromatic balls known as "Map Orbs", which spawn around around natural wonders and buildings such as the Hakurei Shrine, and use them in battle. Wondering about what exactly the Map Orb Game was, Reimu, Marisa, and Sumireko all went to investigate who made it.


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