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Fan-made characters

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An example of a fan-made character, Mitori Kawashiro.

A fan-made character are characters created by an artist or other creators such as gamers that're based on a particular piece of work, usually unofficial to that series and that it'sn't canon in any way. An original character (OC) is a character that's unique in every way and has no major origins on what they're based on, such as characters from the Touhou Project and Seihou Project.

There are many deviated works that has fan-made characters based on the theme of the Touhou Project scattered everywhere, even if they just play as a normal generic enemy in fangames, or even just humourours characters drawn and uploaded to the Internet, such as Sugar Satellite. It's unknown when the first "Touhou" fan-character was created, but Maybell seems to be one of the earliest known.

List of Fan-made Characters

Below is a list of fan-made Touhou characters in alphabetical order. This list is by no means comprehensive.


This section lists some of the most notable and/or popular fan-made characters.

In Fangames

These characters aren't as popular as the ones above, but have been given an article due to being part of a game.


Fan-made characters can be divided into several major categories by the nature of their relationship with canon.

  • Non-canonical versions of existing characters - An existing character depicted in a way that differs wildly from their normal appearance and personality, usually for parody purposes, such as "Cho Marisa" (a male, hyper-muscular version of Marisa Kirisame). This also includes the yukkuris, which are based on real Touhou characters but exist as independent beings and even interact with their "originals".
  • New characters appearing in fangames, doujin manga, etc. - Perhaps the largest category, but characters of this type rarely gain much fame. Characters of this type include Mitori Kawashiro and Maybell.
  • Fake "official" characters - An original creation presented as if it were a real character from an existing or upcoming Touhou game, using fake screenshots and/or art in the style of ZUN or Alphes. These characters are frequently at the center of hoaxes, even if they weren't intended for that purpose. Characters of this type include Sen Gatensoku (fake Hisoutensoku boss) and Sugar Satellite (fake Fairy Wars boss).

On the borderline are characters who canonically exist, but on whom little or nothing is known, who're used by fans as OC Stand-ins. Some of these characters have become so popular that they've developed an established appearance and personality which most fans follow. In particular, official Touhou manga have used the fan designs for Koakuma and Momiji Inubashiri (who appear only as low-resolution sprites in-game), while ZUN has stated that he's aware of the typical fan depiction of Youki Konpaku. Of special note are Shanghai Doll and Hourai Doll, who likely weren't intended to be characters at all, but are commonly treated as such by fans. See Rin Satsuki and Category:Characters without official artwork.

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