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Fan-made characters/Ha Seoi

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瀬笈 (せおい)   ()
Ha Seoi
Ha Seoi.png
Low-Level Plant Youkai



Power to hear the voices of plants

Ha Seoi (瀬笈 葉 Seoi Ha) is a fan-made character created by ASATO for the game Touhou Shizenyu.

Character Basis


Her full name is Ha Seoi (瀬笈 葉). Ha () means "leaf". Seoi (瀬笈) means "to carry on one’s back".


Ha has short green hair and green eyes. She wears a green shirt with light green sleeves and a red/white collar. She wears a green hat decorated with two leaves and a green skirt with a blue waistcloth. She wears brown boots.

Game Data


  • August 8 is known as "Ha’s day" among the fanbase. During this day, various artists draw fanart featuring her.
  • Ha is one of the most popular fan-made characters, with her popularity being compared to Mitori Kawashiro and Hakurei Miko. [citation needed]