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Fan-made characters/Hakurei Miko

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先代博麗の巫女 (せんだいはくれいのみこ)
Previous Generation Hakurei Miko





Shrine Maiden of Hakurei


Hakurei Shrine

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Previous Generation Hakurei Miko (先代博麗の巫女 Sendai Hakurei no Miko), simply Hakurei Miko (博麗の巫女) or Previous Generation Miko (先代巫女 Sendai Miko), is a fan-made character originally created for the game M.U.G.E.N.

She is a shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine from years past, she relied on brute force to subdue troublesome, dangerous threats in a Gensokyo before spell card rules, accomplished through a combination hand-to-hand combat, fast movement, and divine abilities.

Not even her name is remembered, but older residents recall her being very talented in the role.

Character Basis


Her name is unknown and she is only ever referred to by her title.


In her original appearance, her outfit is one suited to hand-to-hand combat. Like Reimu, her costume is red and she has detached sleeves, but wears combat boots, a hakama, rather than a skirt, and a tight black leotard underneath. She has a hime cut and wears her hair free of accessories. However, common variations include sandals, a bow and/or hair tubes, like Reimu, or an ahoge. Her figure is generally both curvy and muscular reflecting her physical focus.


Reimu Hakurei

She is Reimu Hakurei's predecessor. However, while her name may imply she was the shrine maiden just before Reimu, it is not specified by her creator whether she was intended to be Reimu's mother, a close relative, or related in name or occupation only. Some other settings may place her even further back than that, as a more distant ancestor.