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Fan-made characters/Karen Yawata

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八幡 華蓮 (やわた かれん)
Karen Yawata
Karen Yawata
Illustration of Karen Yawata from this image from pixiv
The Mind of Purification Hidden by Purple Clouds of Good Omen
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Karen Yawata (八幡 華蓮 Karen Yawata) is a fan-made character created by the pixiv user called とってま (Tottema).

General Information

There's very little information on this character, but it's known that Tottema originally created Karen as the final boss of Undefined Fantastic Object because there was a pixiv project called "Let's imagine bosses of Undefined Fantastic Object", where various artist creates an original character if they were to appear in Undefined Fantastic Object and Karen was the only decent character created in the project. The project ended before the final release of Undefined Fantastic Object. For some reason as of now, her original art has been deleted off pixiv. There were plans in place to make a fake Stage 6B for Undefined Fantastic Object, similarly to Subterranean Hatred, but this project fizzled out for unknown reasons. However, it got far enough that some barebones danmaku patterns, spell names, and even a stage theme were made.

Character Basis


Karen is most likely based on the shinto god of warriors, Hachiman-jin. His name is sometimes pronounced as "Yawata-no-kami", and due to the spread of Buddhism in japan, he has been worshipped as a Bodhisattva.


In her first name Karen, ka () means "flower" and ren () means "a lotus". In her surname, ya () means "eight" and wata () means "banner".


Karen's design is based on Gautama Buddha. She has purple eyes, blonde hair that possibly goes into a curl, and a UFO shaped hat with spirals around it. She wears a plain beige skirt and a pinkish-grey shirt with a buddhist-style collar with a UFO shaped shoulderpad that has a sash decorated with stars that runs around her right shoulder to her left hip. She also has golden arm and ankle braclets and a buddhist halo that resembles a grey UFO on her back. What she's sitting on seem to be a large lotus flower. The similarities between Buddha and Karen is that they both are sitting in a certain position, and both have a Buddhist halo behind them. However, Karen is only cosplaying as Buddha. Her original illustration mimics ZUN's style.

Fanon Culture

Official Profile

とってま description on Pixiv

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Karen Yawata 紫雲に隠れし浄の心
八幡 華蓮
Yawata Karen


東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

The mind of purification hidden by purple clouds of the good omen

Karen Yawata

Are you exhausted by travelling at sub-light speeds?
Welcome to Nirvana.

Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
The undefined danmaku

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