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冥梦 (めいむ)

Meimu Hakurei
Illustration of Meimu (with a child version of her)


Meimu (Simp. Chinese: 冥梦, Trad. Chinese: 冥夢, Pinyin: Míng mèng; Japanese: 冥梦 (めいむ) Meimu) is a Chinese fan-made character created by the Chinese artist 淫火啲虫 (Pinyin: Yín huǒ di chóng), who also goes by the nickname AUER. The official/original website for where Meimu was first created is on his own Baidu Space blog.[1]

Character Basis

Meimu is highly based on Reimu Hakurei. When Reimu once again lost on a Touhou Popularity Poll for the last time, AUER decided to create Meimu, possibly because of the poll.


Her name Meimu (冥梦) means "dark dream" is intended to sound a lot like Reimu's. The first hanzi, (Pinyin: míng; Romaji: mei) means "dark or "deep" while (Pinyin: mèng; Romaji: mu) means "dream".



Yukari Yakumo (Family)
Ran Yakumo
Chen (Friend)
Reimu Hakurei (Small Friend/Big Enemy)


There are some art of Meimu all drawn by AUER.

Fanon Culture=

  • Surname: Due to the simalaraties between Meimu and Reimu, it's common for western fans to call her Meimu Hakurei (Simp. Chinese: 博丽冥梦, Trad. Chinese: 博麗冥夢), Pinyin: Bó lì míng mèng; Japanese: 博麗 (はくれい) 冥梦 (めいむ) Hakurei Meimu).
  • Ex Reimu: Many western fans do consist that Meimu is Reimu's "Ex" form. Others sometimes say Meimu to be a dark version of Reimu who is covered in pure evil.

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